In the IT sector, you need to keep yourself updated as web technologies are constantly witnessing changes. Bill Gates also stated that “We are changing the globe with technology”.  

And these days, ReactJS is becoming the top choice for developing one-page applications. Let’s dig a bit deeper to get insights into ReactJS.  

In 2013, after the first launch, Facebook’s React JavaScript library witnessed the surge in use and now, developers started using ReactJS to create all kinds of applications. 

React libraries

The biggest reason behind its success is the library of React Components. The developers have created and developed beautiful designs for mobile, web, desktop, etc. The ReactJS components have made the task of building a user interface much easy. You can separately work on each component and merge them all at the final stage to create output. 

 In this article, we would try to make an attempt to assemble a wide variety of ReactJS component libraries that excel in aspects that comprise several UI components, design frameworks, utilities, animations, and UI layouts. 

What is ReactJs? 

It is an open and free source front-end JavaScript Library used for creating user interfaces and components. It is maintained by Facebook, and React applications usually need the utilization of more libraries and for routing, also from the client’s perspective too. 

Below could be a list of 15 React libraries and frameworks: 

1. Redux  

It’s a state management solution for JavaScript apps and is employed in integration with React. It is employed in integration with React, but it functions with other React-like frameworks also.  

Redux become possible to attach all components straight to the entire state and thereby, reduces the requirement for using call-backs or props.  

Redux Libraries

Redux installation

2. Create React App  

It is a command-line interface (CLI) tool and doesn’t require any type of programming and developing configuration.  

It promotes the creation of your own standards and helps you begin the app development. All you wish is sweet build dependency and a giant no to complicacy. 

3. Rebass   

It is a library focused solely on offering its user an opportunity to stand out from its competitors with a custom design. You can create your custom stylings or, if you want to create something from scratch, Rebass is the perfect choice for you. 

Rebass may be a tool within the JavaScript Framework Components category of a tech stack. 

Rebass framework component

Rebass framework


4. React Admin 

It’s a framework that uses React, React Router, Redux, to relinquish you a unified framework.  

It may match up to your requirements and wishes. It’s a frontend framework and accustomed to creating b2b custom apps.  

React admin library

React admin libraries


5. Ant Design

It comes with around a 50-components library that provides good development experience to programmers. It is perfect for building rich and interactive user interfaces. Several big brands including Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu preferred Ant Design over other components. 

Ant design library

Moreover, it enables you to position your UI components, which, as a result, gives a seamless user experience.  

Ant design library


 6. Grommet 

It’s a component library made for mobile-first, responsive web projects and accessible. It is identical to UI libraries like material and React Bootstrap. 

The React-based framework claims to supply accessibility, modularity, responsiveness, and themes. It provides great theme tooling and makes a speciality of accessible, applications.  

Grommet react library

Grommet library

A curated list of ReactJS component libraries that help you build an interactive user interface with ease. Its features make it a top choice for developing one-page applications.
7. React Spinner 

This library is different from other libraries and has something to produce. It comprises loading spinners looking on Halogen. 

It’s an entertainment factor that keeps visitors involved during the page loading so that they do not feel the urgency for leaving the page and making a stronger user experience. 


8. React Bootstrap

It replaces the Bootstrap JavaScript. Each component has been built from a scratch as a real React Component, and mutually of the oldest React Libraries. 

React bootstrap library

React Bootstrap has grown and evolved together with React, making it a wonderful choice as your UI foundation. Every component is formed to be essential for front-end framework development and simply available.  

React bootstrap library


 9. Semantic UI React

It provides a way to compose React components and allows composing component features, and also props without adding extra components. 

Semantic UI React library


 10. Blueprint 

During this, the React Components are for desktop apps. These components are favourable for developing data-dense and sophisticated interfaces.   

And here you’ll use bits of codes for creating and showcasing icons from the library, selecting time zones, communicating with times and dates, etc.  


11. React DND

It shows the drag and drop interface with React. It provides gesture and grabbing–based user interaction for selecting visual objects then dragging them into an acceptable location.  

React DnD is created using HTML5 drag and drop API and it internally utilizes Redux. 

12. Styled Components 

It’s a CSS tool that helps you streamline your project. this can be wont to create small components, reusable, important for the planning of the applying.  

styles component library

With this interface you’ll face some over or unusually overwriting, however, thanks to styled-components, developers can overcome this problem by CSS syntax straight inside all components. 

Styled component library

13. React Fabric 

It’s also named Office UI Fabric; React Fabric is popular for the native application of Fluent UI elements with React-based apps.   

React fabric library

The material core could be a group of SASS elements combined with CSS classes, which as a result gives access to an in-depth array of animations, colors, and more.   

React fabric installation


14. Material UI

Developed in 2014 by Google, Material UI has become one of the popular React components with over 6 million monthly npm downloads.

It facilitates developers in simple and faster web development. It also comes with a collection of tools and ready-to-use components that you can plug directly into applications.


15. React Virtualized

It is a stable maintained library. Its community is large and open source, many modules and extensions are already available to window a maximum of elements. It offers lots of functionalities and customization that you would not even think about.  

The elements of React Virtualized incorporate an automizer, a multigrid, an arrow key stepper, a columnsizer, a cell measurer, and so forth. This versatile and unique React library is programmed for satisfying your tabular needs.  

To sum up 

All React libraries and frameworks mentioned during this blog serve purposes within the ecosystem. By using these competent libraries, your organization can do basic JavaScript tasks. 

Just as many ReactJS components offer easy to adopt tools, design, and excellent cross-platform support that ultimately boosts the speed of the development process, we have listed the 15 best component libraries that will have you on a better path in the future. 

However, you need an expert to find a library that exclusively meets your requirements and for this, it’s better to hire professional Reactjs developers. So, get in touch with us today for a free consultation!