Consider the following example. You walk inside a store to buy a particular product. You are unable to find it and there is no one around to help you out as the shop assistants are preoccupied. When you finally zero down on what you came in for, the billing process takes forever to be completed. At this point, you give up and leave the shop to find what you are buying somewhere else.

2021 UX ecommerce practices


When you don’t invest in a comprehensive and memorable user experience (UX) model, this is what your ecommerce customers feel like. The best eCommerce UX design agencies know that investing in user experience reap a massive ROI for their business. According to one report, every $1 invested in enhancing UX for customers can result in a return of $100.

Your website is the first place your customers will get to know you as a brand. Investing in good UX will ensure that they your website is optimized at all times and your customers do not leave the page. When you hire eCommerce UX designer, you can achieve this goal.

Understanding User Experience (UX)

User experience is how an individual feel when interfacing with a system. This system can be a website, a web application, a phone app or a desktop software. User experience designer work to make this human-computer interaction s smooth and seamless as possible. They study and test every process in a system. This includes the checkout option of an ecommerce application, how efficiently are users getting their desired products, if the application is optimized or not amongst various other things.

From taking care of aspects of branding, design, usability and function to integrating the products, User experience UX design company will ensure your website stay relevant to your customer base.

Top trends that will make a leeway in 2021

The COVID-10 pandemic and the eventual lockdown forced the majority of masses to stay home in order to curb the spread of the deadly virus. Businesses in almost every segment lay disrupted, some still struggling to overcome the impact. Few areas have emerged stronger than before, e-commerce being one of them. With more and more people staying at home, not only working but getting most of their work done that way, the landscape for ecommerce business owners has forever changed.

Online shopping has increased exponentially. Consequently, there is a huge demand for Web design company India to create applications and websites that takes the user experience up a notch. These are the trends to follow in 2021 to ensure your sales are always up.

  • Fast, clean and easy-to-use website

Your shopper wants a website that is appears orderly while enabling him/her to easily navigate. If the user finds it cluttered, chances are that they will leave your web page to find the same product somewhere else. The Best eCommerce UX design agencies make sure that your ecommerce application not only avoids this loss of customer base but also makes sure that your page is infused with speed.

  • Personalisation

Personalisation has become more vital than ever. For the on-the-go ecommerce user, user experience should present him/her with everything they are looking for. When you hire eCommerce UX designer that excel at this, you are giving every customer a personalized shopping experience by presenting them their preferred products, the list of their past purchases and even previously searched content.

  • Exit intent popups

Exit intent technology allows you to make another effort to convert the visitors who are intending to leave your website into successful customers. There are many tools available in the market to achieve this very goal. Your popup tool can ask the user to talk to an agent if they are having a problem, offer them a special discount or invite them to join your email list.

  • Virtual assistance

A User experience designer can help you offer your customers the same shopping experience that they would get in a brick and mortar store. How? By implementing chatbots for digital assistance. The market size for chatbots is projected to grow to $9.4 billion by 2024.[1] Now is a good time to infuse your ecommerce application with virtual assistance.

  • Geo-targeting

Geo-targeting creates and delivers online advertises to users based on their location. This is projected to become an essential component of ecommerce in 2021. Geo-targeting can enhance your marketing ROI by taking advantage of regional trends. Web design company India can help your website to have the feature of geo-location targeting, enabling you to detect visitor location and serve content in different languages as well.

  • Clear call to action

The call-to-action (CTA) for ecommerce is generally the final button that lets your visitors purchase the products. It then becomes essential to have a clear CTA. This button needs to stand out and should be clearly visible to your customers.

  • Improvements in website speed

Slow websites can enormously hamper user experience and compel visitors to go to other websites. The few extra seconds can have a huge impact on user’s perspective about the products you are selling.

  • Informative listing page

Your listing page needs to user-friendly, content rich and helps people to understand your website.

  • Multi-payment modes

Users are much more likely to leave your website and their products in the shopping cart if they don’t see their preferred payment option. It is advisable to infuse the most popular payment mode of your target audience, along with the basic ones.

  • Make it mobile-friendly

Mobiles are becoming a giant slice of the online market. It will help to have a separate UX for your mobile users. For mobile usage, you can do away with certain elements of your ecommerce website as well. Many companies have started to build two separate UX for PC users and mobile users in order to retain more customers. A mobile application is no longer an afterthought but an essential part of ecommerce success.

Boosting your sales in 2021

The key to success in 2021 for ecommerce owners will be to provide an enhanced, seamless and fast user experience. By putting customers first, you will not only increase your sales but be awarded with a larger customer base as well. Some of the best eCommerce UX design agencies such as DigiMantra Labs can help you achieve this dream. With clients from all over the world, DigiMantra Labs possess the requisite knowledge that will help you grow your ecommerce business tremendously.