Finding customers for your website is indeed a tough and time consuming task. But if you know the right techniques then you can easily convert your visitors into website users. In this post we share the best tactics to gain more visitors for your website. And these methods are applied so simplistic that even a newbie or an amateur can apply them. Read on to know the secret of converting your website visitors into customers.

Website speed

Your website speed has a huge impact on visitors and conversion rates. You will find popular websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Ebay having sites that load superfast. This increases the visitor flow and improves conversion rates in website monetization.

Allow limited access

Build something that creates an interest among website visitors. You will find popular group discussion site Quora keep their readers hooked to the site by posting interesting topics and discussions. After you read a few threads, Quora will block you from reading more content in the site and ask you to register. Because they know that well that reader will definitely register to read more interesting topics, they have set limited entry to the site. The same happens with Instagram. Now this might sound frustrating to the most of us but surprisingly it doubles the number of registrants to the site!

convert website visitors into customer

Targeted audience

Target a limited number of audiences for your product because that increases the chance for higher conversion rates. For example, when you are promoting a special beauty coaching class in Bandra, Mumbai, you can advertise it this way, “Learn the best way to enhance your skin with our special beauty guide in Bandra, Mumbai”. This increases your product’s conversion rate by almost 33%.

The Logo impact

How a logo impact can web conversion rates, you may ask. Logos might look needless but they have a huge role in increasing conversion rates. For instance, when SEO Guru Neil Patel removed the logo from his personal website, his conversion rates declined by 9.9%. You will find all the major websites use grand logos to attract more visitors. This not only increases traffic but also ups monetization.


Testimonials can be very effective for your website because users who have already tried your product leave a genuine feedback for others. Testimonials include the full name, photo and the review from a user. It should be extensive and should engage the reader and keep him completely hooked. Readers are often influenced by an authentic review and are more likely to go for your product.

Amazed how following these simple tips can bring more customers for your online business. We suggest you trying them today. And do let us know how it faired for you.

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