seo strategies

Search Engine Optimization is quite a ‘hot’ topic for website owners to make their website highly ranked on Google. However, Google has its own guidelines for checking the correct SEO while ranking any page. So, is your website correctly optimized for the search engines? If not then check out these top SEO strategies that may help you out in 2015.

  • Be unique and target the relevant keywords
    This point should definitely be kept in mind while doing SEO for your website. Optimize your site with relevant keywords rather than stuffing them on one page. Keywords are essential for SEO, but not the only requirement. Most importantly, stay away from plagiarism because Google may penalize you for copying the content.
  • Use short and descriptive URL, title tags and heading tags
    Your page ranking largely depends on the structure of the URL of your website, so make it short and easy to sneak. Along with URL, make your page title interesting so that users are compelled to click on the title. Make titles only of 55 characters as per Google 50-60 character titles guideline. Heading tag should also be descriptive and able to describe topic of your page. It makes it easy for search engines to identify your page fast as per the topic.
  • Enhanced site speed
    Google uses site speed as one of the factors defining the ranking of the page hence make sure that your webpages do not take much time to load. Looking at the figure that around 50% of the traffic on ecommerce websites comes from mobile, it is very necessary that your mobile-friendly site should be fast!
  • HTTPS is more beneficial than HTTP
    There has been a huge need of internet security as of late and that is why Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) has been introduced. While still many websites are using HTTP, Google is giving preference to the website secured with HTTPS. So, make sure your website is using HTTPS for better ranking in 2015.
  • Social media promotion
    This is an ongoing trend for all SEOs. Promoting your website on social media website let you gain a large number of followers and these followers will share your links further on their profiles. The whole promotional campaign will let Google to identify your website as a good traffic grosser and automatically the website will be ranked higher.

So what are you waiting for? Make your website highly optimized for search engines and see the leap in your online business!

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