5 years

This is an interesting week as it signals the end of a 5 year plan that began with some thoughts in 2012, a time when Sachin set out his intentions for the growth we are now steadily achieving. It’s been a glorious journey, and we went from 4 people around a desk to a big family working with clients all across the globe.

I strongly believe it’s not just the journey that matters – it’s who you take the journey with. And I am proud on what we have accomplished together, as a team. People that are present since the inception, like Ravi and Raman – these are the people that have contributed so much in building DigiMantra Labs from the ground up.

Someone rightly said that we are born into this world and at a certain place to be with certain people for a reason and a purpose. Everyone has a destiny, and because of all of the shareholders, we all stand here with a renewed vigor and a sense of purpose.

We have better understood and planned for our sustainable growth in new technology sectors, notably Yii, Shopify, AngularJS, Android, iOS and more. In these new territories, we have managed to establish a returning client base – who only a short while ago, were not even aware of us. Returning clients, we all know, are the bread and butter of any company wishing to operate successfully anywhere, and we are working towards ticking that box nicely.

In the coming years, DigiMantra Labs has the opportunity to reach even more people and organizations around the world. There is an exponentially growing base of people that are in need of quality services and expertise we provide.

We have accomplished some during our first 5 years but what matters most now is what we do next. Thank you for helping make DigiMantra Labs a fantastic company now and for decades to come.