In this era of software programs and applications, with hundreds of them being released every day, it is indeed difficult to stay on top! Studies have shown that 94% of the smartphone users tend to uninstall an app, a month after downloading it.
Many mobile app developers have come up with ideas that cater to the short-term needs of the users. Among the millions of app domains, and billions of app users, it is almost impossible to figure out why the user left or uninstalled the app. Many apps generally capture the attention of the users and target audience, but the best of apps hold their complete attention consistently.
To make matters worse, there are numerous app developers, constantly trying to outdo each other in every given app domain. Strategizing is a part of the game but there are some fundamentals ideas that are foundational in owing to the success of the app.  
Be it any domain, there are hundreds and thousands of apps that all cater to similar needs of the users, but what is it that makes some apps better than the rest? Here are some pointers that will guide you in designing the perfect app.

1. Target Audience:

While it is important to target new users to experience the app, it is equally important to keep the existing users equally interested to continue using the app. One has to understand the need of the market and the users. Catering to the users’ needs will ensure their loyalty. While defining the target audience, one must consider multiple aspects. This can be achieved through market research and even by advertising to the right crowd. The chances of the app becoming popular are much higher.

2. Keep It Simple:

While it might seem fancy to incorporate complicated words and interactions in the app, truth is that simplicity appeals better. Right from opening the app and registering, the design and process must be easy to follow. Complex and lengthy animations and designs are one major turn off for the user. The easier that the user interface is, the number of users continues using the app.

3. Easy On The Eye:

Use fonts and color combinations that do not strain the eye. Use relevant and good quality images and infographics that give information to the user. Not everyone has the time for lengthy explanations. Pictographic representation is also a good way to provide the necessary information to the user in an easy manner.

4. Keep the Backend Processing Strong:

The data that is input on a daily basis can be massive. Keeping the backend strong would help to analyze, organize and preserve the relevant data safely. One should quickly be able to patch any unforeseen bugs that might hinder the users. App crashes are another thing that should be prevented. Frequent crashes and hangs will definitely deter users from continuing to use the app.

5. Advertising:

While in-app ads are a good source of revenue, uncalled for ads will affect the number of users. Ads have to be placed appropriately. The user should not be forced to watch long ads as it quickly turns out to be a downer. The strategy is important in such a scenario. Users wouldn’t mind occasional ads if the app experience is commendable. Chances are that users do not mind a pop-up ad in the corner of the screen as much as a lengthy video that pops up and cannot be stopped or closed for before a set time limit.

6. Description:

While introducing, marketing or selling your app, make sure to describe the app precisely. In many cases, the descriptions are not clear and the potential users will not be motivated enough to explore the complete app and its services. One might not even know what the app does. The description is one area which is highly ignored by developers. By providing the right description of the app, one stands a better chance of attracting users to explore the app further. The basic foundation, in this case, the description, is very important.    

7. Support and Connectivity:

For users who have genuine queries and questions, they must have customer support. With today’s technology, it is easy to cater to such needs. Use built-in chatbots that help to acknowledge the user’s queries that can later be addressed by the concerned person. When it comes to signing up for exclusive and premium accounts, the users often get in touch with customer support to get clarity on the plans, benefits, and advantages. By having a support system that is not just helpful but timely, it is easier to turn potential users into assured users.

Considering the latest trends, problems, and evolution of the apps market, one will be able to stay on top by following these basic factors that are usually taken for granted or ignored. Uses studies and research wisely to understand the expectations and needs of the users. This way it is easier to overcome challenges that are too trivial to holding back your app from becoming a major boom in the vast market.