First day at work – Some people get nervous, some excited. I was a little of both. Because How could I have been just anxious, knowing it was the day of the Christmas party!

Hi Everyone! I am Shivani Singla, and I joined as a Community Management Intern at the DigiMantra Labs office on 23rd of this December. When I first came in, I was nervous about how things would turn out, but as soon as Pallavi mam handed me my appointment letter, my colors changed. with that paper with an official seal on it in my hands, I knew I was meant to be here. I felt ecstatic at that very moment and decided to start my day with as much enthusiasm as possible. She then walked me through the work area, introducing me to all the amazing colleagues, whose names I will slowly remember. She explained me how the company software worked and guided me towards my desk. To my surprise, I found a beautiful note on my desk that said, “Welcome to the team Shivani!”. And what I felt at that moment, cannot be put into words.

I set up all my accounts and the first task that was assigned was to help with the Christmas decorations. Being from the art and design background, I have always loved to beautify things. So yes, it was my thing. I decided to start working on the decorations after the Lunch break as only five minutes were left to it.

My first Lunch at the workplace was a lot better than what we all expect on our first days anywhere, Because, I did not feel like an outsider at all. The coworkers offered me a place to sit with them and we all shared food. I got to some of them really well. (And believe me when I say, my mom did not anticipate an empty lunchbox. So, she was even happier than I was). It was at around 2:30 that we started working on decorations. It was a real pleasure working with Uma Sir, who is a very warm person with an easy-going personality. We worked on decorations till 5 and then the Party Started. Everyone came out of the workspace; the energy of the whole place could be seen transforming into the exuberance. A lot of pictures were being clicked with the Christmas tree, when Pallavi mam came with the list of the fun-filled activities for the staff. Two teams, Three Different Games, and two rounds of each game, and it ended in a tie. I almost forgot during that time that it was just my first day, seemed like I knew those people from a long time. But then, the time most awaited by everyone came and I slipped to the back thinking it was not for me. The time when everyone got gifts from their Secret Santa. I was happily clicking everyone’s pictures when someone announced my name. It took me a few seconds to process if I heard the right name and react. I DID NOT EXPECT MY VERY FIRST SECRET SANTA GIFT ON MY FIRST DAY. So yes, once again, I am at a point where I can’t tell you the degree of euphoria that ran through all my veins at that very moment. Sachin Sir turned out to be my Secret Santa. The gifts were yet to be opened when the food arrived so we decided to open gifts while enjoying food. Everyone knew each other so it is understandable that they exchanged thoughtful gifts, but I was unknown and yet Sachin Sir put such a pensive effort to get me the perfect gift. The more and more I think about it, the more blissful I feel. The “Merry Christmas” cake was so pretty but nobody was able to decide who will cut it. So, I shamelessly asked if I could do the honors and everyone Laughed and nodded Yes. Oh, so delectable it was! Food was cherished, Presents were opened and secret Santas were guessed. Not only my heart, but the whole aura filled with delight and gratitude. This day will forever be engraved on my heart.

In the end, I want to thank the whole Family of DigiMantra Labs for such a rousing welcome.

Stay Dignified!