Sketch for Mac has been doing great and I have read many blogs and heard many people saying that it is a Adobe Photoshop killer. With all the features that Sketch offers and the kind of productivity that you can gain once you master Sketch is matchless. Sketch is very slim, has a clean looking interface and above all it is not at all resource hungry. On the other hand Adobe Photoshop has improved it’s interface lately to some extent, but could not do much when it comes to resource consumption and the amount of space it requires to sit in a computer.

Sketch Vs Experience Design (XD)

There are many reasons to chose Sketch over Adobe Photoshop, but another solid reason would be Sketch comes at one time cost while Adobe Photoshop has completely gone into subscription based model. Therefore, Sketch definitely is a game changer which compelled Adobe to launch it’s own lightweight “Sketch Like” product.  Adobe’s Experience Design (XD) was launched today which is available for free on Adobe CC for preview. It is available only for the Mac users and those who have subscribed for Adobe Creative Cloud. From the first look it looks like Sketch for sure and the welcome screen asks for the type of project you would like to begin with, see below.


It comes with UI Kits for iPhone, Android and Windows along with bunch of sample files to play around with. It comes with artboards concept where you can handle much large and projects that have multiple complex screen. Not only will you be able to design artboards, but XD lets you make macro changes and prototype as well.

There are many good features, like grouping text elements so that you can change font, size, color in just single click. Also, you do not have to wait for the files to save and transfer it to the device, since you can preview your work right a way in the device using live previews. I know these features are also available in Adobe Photoshop, but XD will be used more for Speed and it’s lightweight footprint, unlike it’s family member Photoshop.

So, if you are looking for Speeding up your Mobile & Web Projects you should give it a shot. If you already have Sketch, you should stick with it for sometime, while Adobe forges it solid. If you want to learn how to start using it, please visit Experience Design Learn page to watch videos.

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