So, you are amongst those who are in search of a killer Keyword Research Tool that can let them own more eyeballs on their websites or blogs!

Okay… but is there any such Keyword Research Tool, which is considered as BEST?

Hmm…Are you confused now?

Let me clear the air! The truth is, there is not one such tool, which is better than all other keyword research tools. Different tools fulfill different purposes. Knowing your goal and choosing keyword research tool as per that, would for sure be a prudent practice.

Using such tools is quite easy, and making strategy as per their results is quite effective in increasing traffic and boosting your online authority. Let us discuss top 5 Keyword Research Tools, and understand how they can boost up your online presence:

1. Google Keyword Planner:

It is amongst the first keyword research tool that most people learn and use. It is not amongst the most advanced tools, but as Google manages its Keyword Planner; it has a reputation, it is assured that its information is correct, and thus, one has to keep this one in mind. Keyword searching can be easily done by using website, phrase or category, and its suggested bid details are helpful for those who use Google AdWords.

2. Long Tail Pro:

long tail pro


For its branding, Long Tail Pro characterizes its tool as, “The World’s Most Complete Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis Software,” and their claim is well-proved by their tool. It is eight times faster than other keyword research tools, and in its single search, you will find 800 keywords. It also provides competitive analysis, which makes it one of the most advanced and comprehensive keyword research tools.

3. SECockpit:


It is known for providing killer Keyword-Search results, and most importantly, it has the ability to generate low competition keywords. SECockpit is advanced and it lets you find keywords that can ensure better ranking and authority. It provides complete analysis of top 10 websites for each keyword, and the detail includes Page-Rank, On-Page SEO factors, number of backlinks, etc.

4. Bulk Keyword Generator:

For doing specific tasks, this tool is considered as best. Bulk Keyword generator lets you search keyword as per your business types, services, templates or locations. This is must for those who need to aid clients in local SEO, as it helps marketers in finding local keywords that customers are predominantly searching for. Just in few seconds, you will get as many keyword lists as you wish to have.

5. Keyword Tool Dominator:

It provides data from top sources such as Bing, YouTube & Google. It lets you find hundreds of keyword-suggestions in a short fraction of time, and the reason behind this is its ability to emulate real-users with slight variations when searching for long tail keywords. Three free searches are offered by this tool, which will give you an exact idea about its efficiency as an effective keyword Research Tool.

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