Paid Marketing Tools

Imagine, you finally set up your dream company by spending all of your hard earned money and now you want to introduce your swanky new brand to the common masses; well you could go for the traditional methods of inbound marketing or increase you company’s exposure manifold by using outbound marketing methods with the prime method being that of using paid marketing tools. Yes it will cost you a few more bucks but the return is too good to be overlooked as it will turn your company into a major brand with the help of precisely targeted campaigns and advertisements. Now we shall introduce to you few of the best paid marketing tools which are available in the current market.

Google Adwords is one the very best in the market of paid marketing tools as it helps its users spread their company’s name far and wide to customers all over the world. Whenever you launch a paid advertisement campaign on the application, Google Adwords will present you with a quality score which determines the amount you have to pay for each click, in other words Google is going to tell you first and the amount of consumer satisfaction which you are achieving at the present moment. The higher your score the lower you pay while increasing your company’s reputation at the same time. A great deal all over.

MailChimp is one of the very best platforms for spreading your name and in the process increasing its fame through email marketing methods. MailChimp has more than eight million people who use its services each day and this makes it one of the most used email marketing apps ever. The huge success to MailChimp is down to its unbelievably easy to use platform and the myriad of free plans and services which is available to its users. Thanks to the above features MailChimp can be used by novice email marketers as well to setup an awesome email marketing campaigns for their companies and brands.

Moz is one of the most used SEO tools application among the many available to users in the market at the moment. The online application has two different types of products which are the Moz Pro and the Moz Local. Moz Pro allows its users to use the product to gain access to all the traditional SEO tools which includes rank trackers, information about the present content development campaigns and helps you to track your link building efforts. Moz Local on the other hand helps its users to advance their local SEO ranks. The user of the app just needs to provide some basic information about their business and the rest will be done by the app for you.

Pretty similar to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads helps its users use the huge popularity of the social media forum to broadcast their brands and gain a very high standing in their respective markets. Like Google Adwords Facebook also gives a score called the relevance score for you to understand how far you can spread your company’s influence. The higher the score the less you spend on the advertisement and the more you earn thanks to your company’s ever increasing reputation.

The above mentioned tools are just a few from a huge sea of paid marketing tools which have evolved over the years to give you the best advertisement for your brand at the lowest possible prices to skyrocket your brand to a place even you never imagined to be. So get started and get advertising.

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