Why Has AngularJS Development Been So Popular?

Written by:DMLabs
Published on: Apr 11, 18
5 min read

If you take a walk back in time, you will know how the web was a place full of static pages. HTML ruled the digital sphere and was regarded as a perfect language to declare such static documents. Fast forward in the present world, web applications are way more dynamic than ever.

Today, AngularJS is a highly preferred structural framework that enables single page HTML for declaring dynamic views in web applications. The framework comes with a wide range of benefits that make it a perfect tool for revamping modern-day web applications.

Angular JS

Designed by Google, the technology is backed by a large community to assist web developers in case of any bottlenecks in their projects. Eventually, you deliver exactly what your clients wished for. Let’s look at some of the important takeaways of working with this robust technology:

  • Speed Up Your Development Process

If you need a responsive web application, you need to put time into the development process. However, with Angular JS development, app develop in less time and efforts without compromising on the quality. This is made possible due to two reason: there is two-way data binding, and saving the data on the server is done by a few lines of code.

  • Optimize The Security

Unlike other platforms, Angular.JS uses web services or RESTful API as HTTPS interface. These APIs communicate with servers to execute the data. The process of data execution also follows security standards, which makes the web application safe from any malware or unauthorized access.

  • Easy To Maintain

After the web applications are developed, the developers have to work on maintaining these in order to ensure that the applications deliver as expected. With Angular.JS, developers can use the MVC approach that enables them to work in an object-oriented environment which makes web maintenance a piece of cake.


With Angular JS development, developers cherish a win-win situation with all its highly robust features and advanced methods. The developers are catered with the smooth framework to work on, which ensures a spot-on web application development every time.

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