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Web project builder

Genscript, a pharmacy which believes in relieving the pain of High Prescription Prices for patients and provide quality prescriptions at a surprisingly affordable prices. DigiMantra Labs redesigned the complete website and transformed the User Interface for an interactive user experience. In addition, DigiMantra was involved in Digital Marketing of the website which helped Genscripts get positive Google reviews.

HOW We Develop A Brand


Task Overview

Genscript’s website had to be redesigned and developed to an extent where the interaction of the user with the website was convenient and interactive. The website of a company not only caters to the authenticity but trust of the user. Post redesigning the website from ground up, DigiMantra also handled Digital Marketing for the company getting positive Google reviews.

Web Design: Designing the website is a very crucial aspect of a web address, the site was Interactively optimized with the right HTML & CSS body, Content and images.

Web Development: Developing the website such that the user can conveniently track the address of the pharmacy using Google Maps, Interactive Contact Page and User experience and more.

Digital Marketing: With our website ready, it was time to reach out the right people when they were looking out for us, hence the team started with Search Engine Optimization and Content optimization.

Our Process

The process of framing and developing a website was based on how our clients would like to have his/her customers interact with the website and the motive. With our client need’s at heart, there were certain challenges which were to be taken care of –



Website was not intriguing enough to pull the readers in, and that was leading to increase in the bounce rate and low ROI.



Understanding their niche and coming up with a website that met the goal was the challenge at first but our team work made it done.



We in DigiMantra always focus on the objective that the client needs, here we first understood their market, did a full-fledged research and moved ahead with the execution.

User Interface Design

Genscripts was designed with the thought of an infographic platform that provides easy medical solutions and awareness for everyone with respect to medicines, their prices, antibiotics program and more