Creating a seamless website project for IASP

About IASP

Situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, IASP or Sao Paulo Lawyers institute was established in 1874 with a simple objective – to improve and promote the study of legal sciences. Since its establishment, IASP has consistently strived to provide one seamless platform, where professionals in the field of law have access to relevant courses ad subject materials that empowers and enables them to succeed in the field. Over the years, the institute has also been committed to providing for the study and propagation of law as well.

IASP Instituto Dos Advogados De São Paulo


As the leading platform for law, IASP provides a wide range of courses, workshops, speeches by eminent scholars as well as online course materials to interested applicants. In such a scenario, it required a comprehensive digital platform where interested individuals can have effortless access. IASP’s need of the hour was a holistic website that takes care of all the details while giving a superior user experience. Put simply, IASP needed a website where each piece of the process led to the success of the organisation A seamless platform which included different functionalities such as subscription, e-commerce, learning management service (LMS) and other modification would help IASP register more users on the website as well as make the page navigation easier for existing users.


DigiMantra Labs implemented an integrated website development strategy that had the right mix of user experience, technology infrastructure and business processes.

Front-end technologies: HTML, CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 (latest version) together created the underlying scaffolding that allowed the IASP website to be completely interactive. As the first layer of any website, HTML created the code version of the wireframe. CSS3 gave the visual appeal to the HTML and made the website look attractive to users. Bootstrap 4 helped in creating a responsive mobile-first website.

Back-end technologies: PHP Symfony framework and MySQL database assisted in infusing functionality which enabled a smooth user experience. While the PHP Symfony framework provided easier maintenance and increased security, MYSQL database improved productivity by automating time-consuming tasks.

DigiMantra Labs also used BigBlueButton for LMS as well as Shippo API and Cielo for creating payment gateways. With effective technologies in place, users on the website would be able to buy courses, book lectures and social events, and attend online lecture with utmost ease. Furthermore, a complete admin dashboard was also created by which the website admin can easily handle complex tasks in every section IASP also acquired the power of Google analytics to check in traffic in-flow on the website.


With an e-commerce enabled and mobile friendly website, IASP could greatly increase the traffic on its website. Users are now able to opt for the courses they are interested in with a click of a button. Candidates who have subscribed to a course also get a link of the class directly on their mail. Additionally, people who buy the online books available on the IASP website can download the PDF format of the book easily. For those who opt for the physical copy, the IASP website now has e-commerce options with a smoother checkout option for customers. Furthermore, opting to attend a live event is much simpler than before with the complete detail being sent out to the interested individuals in matter of seconds.

Client testimonial

“The team at DigiMantra Labs have far exceeded my expectations on every front. The end result that we have is a beautiful website that embodies the values of IASP. Working with DigiMantra Labs has been a memorable experience. I truly appreciate the dedication the team has shown in completing every small process within the stipulated time, and with finesse. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with the crew at DigiMantra Labs.”