Enabling an enhanced customer experience for Morton Stones

About Morton Stones

Based in Davie, Florida (USA), Morton Stones has consistently provided customers for the Miami-Dade and Broward County with superior quality residential construction. With a growing customer base, Morton Stones was looking at upgrading their website that would lead to enhanced customer experiences as well as improved customer retention.

Mortan stones brick and stone walls


Earlier, the client was using a WordPress website which proved to be a significant hurdle for the company. With websites increasingly becoming an extension of the business itself, Morton Stones’ existing website failed to offer a seamless user experience.

For those looking to buy from the company, the website only offered visitors to submit their queries with no choice of placing an offer online. Additionally, as the current website was not optimised, customers often faced delays in accessing the website.


DigiMantra Labs partnered with Morton Stones to enable the company in delivering better customer experiences and increased return on investment (ROI). Keeping the key requirements in sharp focus, the team at DigiMantra built the website using Shopify from scratch. In addition, the Shopify site would be seamlessly integrated with the existing WordPress website.

The integration would ensure that existing customers still have a familiar website to browse but with added plugins for better performance. Existing as well as new customers will also be able to see a link to purchase on the website itself. They will then be directed to the Shopify site to complete their purchase.

The team at DigiMantra Labs also made use of Gleam to help Morton Stones improve its business plans. With Gleam, the company can now run competitions and build responsive photo galleries within minutes.


The integration of Morton Stones’ WordPress website with the new Shopify site has enabled the company to increase its customer base. Initially, many potential customers would be discouraged from placing an order knowing they will have to get their order manually. With the digitization of the entire process, more and more visitors on the site are turning into customers and opting to go for the wide-ranging products offered by Morton Stones.