DigiMantra Labs puts the Skinlycious portfolio on the map with an all-in-one website


Singapore-based Jasmine King started Skinlycious in 2013. Using her own background in biomedical science and pharmaceuticals, King created a cosmetic brand that would be a one-stop solution for acne treatment. The brand is one of the few in the market which is trying to create a comprehensive beauty routine for acne sufferers. Skinlycious has been profitable since the first year and is continuing to grow in other countries as well. This year, the brand was also a part of the Sephora Accelerate 2020 which is a mentorship programme for women-led beauty start-ups.

Skinlycious case study


Originally, Skinlycious had three separate Woo-commerce websites for sales in different countries. The initial thought process for having multiple websites was to streamline the products for customers based from the country they are accessing the website. For Singapore and Malaysia- which are Skinlycious’ primary markets- the product portfolio was slightly different than the brand’s offering on the global scale. The three different websites, for Singapore, Malaysia and global, also had different payment gateways.

Having multiple websitesmeant a larger cost to optimize each of the website to keep the ranking up in search engine result pages (SERP). Maintaining three different websites was also incurring more expenses to the client as more resources had to be dedicated to keep the websites running seamlessly for customers.

The client required one website that will take care of product streamlining, payment methods and other processes. A single website model is not only easier to maintain but it limits the fixed costs such as hosting, web development and content creation. Such a model makes it easier to cross-sell if everything is on a single website.


DigiMantra Labs came up with an innovative solution for the client requirement. To help address each of the challenges that the client faced, DigiMantra developed a WordPress site that is integrated with Woo-Commerce. For front-end website development, various technology came into play such as jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3 and Divi Builder. One of the foremost reasons of employing these technologies was to bring the necessary functionality to the website.

With the help of VillaTheme, DigiMantra Labs created various WordPress plug-ins. The plug-ins would aid customers get a promo code for discount on selected products each time they upload their photos in the review section. Similarly, WordPress plug-ins were implemented to enable weight-based shipping. This technique is focused on the weight of the order to determine its shipping costs. The plug-ins also customised the entire procedure, based on the destination of the shipping.

Furthermore, we built a plug-in that would auto-generate coupon codes for minimum purchase, redeemable on the next purchase.


A single website for Singapore, Malaysia and other markets globally have let to a 30% increase in ROI for Skinlycious. The plug-ins have not only helped in increasing the load speed of the web pages but has also increased visitor time on the site, leading to more conversions. The optimised Skinlycious website has recorded 2,900 more active users.

DigiMantra Labs also carried out an on-page SEO to increase traffic on the optimised website. Not only foes the website list higher in the SERPs, it has aided in getting a higher click-through rate. The single website has recorded a 23% in crease in CTR. A higher CTR will augment revenue growth for the client.

A single website has boosted organic results as well as conversion rates for Skinlycious. A single optimised webpage has increased its revenue growth and has aided in cost savings. Since lesser manpower is needed for the maintenance of the website, the company can now focus on more mission-critical issues.

Client Feedback

“The DigiMantra Labs delivered me a site that collaborates by business all over the world. They provided me with the best recommendations and suggestions to make this project more valuable and user-friendly. They stick to the timeline and delivered the project module by module. If content needs to get moved or last minute projects come in, their content team has the visibility to move projects that take priority on their publishing schedule. Top Recommended IT agency!”