Company Meets are great fun and we at DigiMantra Labs “cherish” them the most. The energy, flow and belonginess that a meeting brings is beyond words. This was a special company meet since it’s the last one for the year 2014.

This not only gives a timeout from work, but it also engages the team well. And here arrives a funda of ‘Work Hard, Play Harder’ and that’s what we followed. Without having you to wait much, let me share my experience about the meet wherein all enjoyed by participating in some hilarious and whimsical games.

A picture depicting all the FUN we had

A Picture Depicting All the FUN We had

Every company meets is celebrated with a special “Dress Code”. We called it “Black Friday” to match the weather and the occasions happening around the world. So if you see people in BLACK, then don’t confuse us with “Men in Black”.

The games that we played were Balloon Race, Go the Distance and Ping Tac Toe . You need to trust me, we all had electrifying experiences. Balloon Race gave people chance to stay united in teams by balancing Balloon on their back, whereas Go the Distance depicted as Rolling ping pong balls in various glasses from varying distances, using a tape measure as a bridge in just one minute. Mere Image can tell you how much concentration one requires to win the game. In the end, Pawan, Kiran and Abhinandan won the games and were declared winners.

Guys Having Hard Time while Balancing ;)

Guys Having Hard Time while Balancing 😉

My personal choice would be Ping Tac Toe, that gave us wonderful and fun way to celebrate our meet. In this game, one has to throw ping pong ball until that lands into any one of the glass filled with water. It looks very easy, but the ball pops out as soon as the water repels back. Roop is the man who won this game with triumph.

A meet can never end without  deliciously, fingerliciously food order from one of the BEST restaurants in Ludhiana. And we all love the Chinese and Continental cuisine, tossed along with Lovepreet’s favorite “Gravy Cheese Chilly”; I bet you have to try that. Thanks to DigiMantra Labs that added so much cherishable moments in our lives.