Accelerated Mobile Pages from Google is already set in the box. But are brands really that ready to take the catch and step forward to make it a part of their mobile content strategy?

So what exactly is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages a.k.a AMP is basically a recently launched project, a global initiative, to offer a better and a faster mobile web experience. This Google initiative open source project seeks to tackle the slow loading time in mobile devices along with solving the high abandonment rate issue. Boasting a loading speed which can be about four times faster than a non-accelerated mobile page, AMP pages can also consume up to 10 times lesser mobile data with 4G as well as 3G networks.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

How can it be helpful for planning a mobile content strategy?

AMP pages are actually built quite like the other HTML pages. But, here comes the twist. AMP pages are also built with a certain set of technical specifications and functionalities. These functionalities are conducted while the open source of AMP manages them. The entire set of functionality helps enabling the pages to obtain maximum advantages and benefits of the AMP JavaScript Library. Now, this helps controlling the entire chain of load while further helping to prioritize certain elements as well as requests than focusing on the others. Due to this, most of the respective third party content, which is mostly the ads, thus present below the fold does not get loaded before the main required content appears, thus helping the visitors to go through and read the required content in the shortest possible time.

Adding to all these, it is also possible to cache the AMP pages in the cloud, for further reducing the time it thus takes to load the respective content. With the utilisation of AMP JavaScript Library, the respective publishers basically allow the third parties to cache their content. This further allows the respective publishers to keep a control on their respective content while the platforms can also make use of the cache for delivering the page to the visitor in the shortest possible time. On this issue, Google has also confirmed that they shall be further providing a cache that shall be available for use by anyone, that too at no cost.

Due to the increased speed and increased mobile visibility of the loading pages, AMP can be perfectly feasible for content marketers. Apart from the speed factor, this fresh new project can also help in boosting your search engine rankings. Now, it is important to understand that there exists a mutual relation between your site speed and of course, the conversion rate. Consider yourself as a visitor and you find a page getting loaded faster. What would you do? You would most probably subscribe to the respective list or would purchase a product. And the rest doesn’t need to be explained.

Distractions present in blogs, while viewing them in mobile devices, like header images, social share buttons and sidebars can actually drive away most of your traffic, thus decreasing your conversion rates. The good news with AMP is that with its help, you can actually get away with these distractions. This is because not all kinds of HTML tags are executed. It is also because you make use of streamlined CSS version, while JavaScript is generally totally out of question, at least mostly. Adding to that, it is also 6 times lighter in code. In short, with AMP, making money via ads becomes quite a lot easier and faster.

While planning for any kind of mobile content strategy, it is also important to take notice of tracking your users. Tracking basically helps you to understand certain user details like where your users came from, what did they view and the likes. With AMP, tracking your users and viewing your site’s performance becomes quite easier. This is because you can now get hold of analytical tools which are present in their respective places. It is here where you can actually study and analyze your respective AMP versions in a better way with more details. For popular website development companies, delivering multiple web services like DigiMantra Labs, this becomes primarily important as with its help, it can be easier to understand how many viewers are viewing the site and how many are leaving without making any further clicks.

To wrap it in a nutshell, AMP, with its bunch of light and fast features, is truly a dynamic step that not only help you to meet certain Google’s expectations but can also influence social media interactions, quite a lot. It definitely holds a promising future for almost every content marketer. Grab it and make the most of it now for getting a massive market via mobile devices.

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