Once the websites are developed, next question that comes to the mind is how to drive more traffic and attract potential customers to it. This is where the role of SEO begins. Yes, marketing is much more than just gaining top ranks on search engines. With a definite experience, you will find out the importance of traditional marketing processes and how they are related to SEO in one or the other way.

As the prime aim of all search engine optimization strategies is to connect and engage more and more people so SEO company in Ludhiana can say that engaging and satisfying your users is likely to be the prime ranking factor. It is equally important to have links to your website, but this will not be fruitful if users fail to align with it. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that SEO is an important part of the digital marketing and if it is done adequately, your website will draw more traffic and you will have improved rankings and better visibility.

To be effective at search engine optimization, you need to be a marketer who goes beyond that’s needed to get effective results. In simple terms, marketing is all about putting the right thing in the right place and at the right time. There are 4 Ps of marketing that helps marketers to focus on important areas; they are Product, price, place, and promotion.

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Let’s talk about these four key areas:

Product: You must understand who your customers are and what their exact goals are. You must know how a product you sell or a service you provide is beneficial for the customer. Understanding this helps you to price and promote your product adequately. What products or services you sell lay the foundation of which marketing approach you should follow. Getting found by the potential customers is just one part of the story, convincing them to buy wins the battle.

Price: Price of a product or service is related to the value it offers. But, if it is too expensive compared to the competitors, customers will look for cheaper options. It is equally important not to reduce the prices a great deal, doing so will incur losses. Pricing is important; you need to define it after much research because only then you can make right profits.

Place: Does your marketing mix include online and offline marketing channels? Which channels will be most beneficial for you? Understanding where your customers are and which marketing channels will be the best for serving them determines how well your product/ service will perform.

Promotion: How you will get your product or services in front of the customers? Will it be done through search engines, search ads, social media, TV or something else? Figure out which marketing channels are the best as it will result to better promotions and business.

If you have products and services that are not performing well in the market, try considering these four Ps and consult SMO companies in Ludhiana so that marketing results improve.

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