Last August, I received an invitation to attend a seminar on a video-conferencing app. When later I discussed it with friends and colleagues, it occurred to me that it wasn’t the only seminar and I wasn’t the only one to experience a seminar in such an unbelievable way. The pandemic has urged almost every industry to undergo a paradigm shift with unprecedented haste and has consequently reshaped consumer behaviour. Confronted with a digital way of life at an unrivalled scale, this colossal change in our behaviour is resulting in one big trend—an overwhelming requirement for data security!

Data is at the Heart of Everything

Quite frankly, with the world making such enormous strides in digital transformation, it is quite apparent that the most valuable resource in today’s day and age isn’t oil, but data. Handy devices at affordable price-points, easy internet access and a hybrid lifestyle have made data abundant and invaluable. However, it isn’t just that the volume of data is increasing globally, its value is now becoming increasingly important. Take for instance our smartphones. Smartphones have become a part of everything that we do and we generally tend to save a lot of information about ourselves on these handy devices. Whether it be pictures from our recent vacation or screenshots of our payslips so that we may maintain our accounting. Without the right security, this information which essentially makes up who we are can be accessed by hackers at any given moment.

Can Data Thrive Without Security?

While the importance of data continues to rise every day, it is of no value if not protected appropriately. You might have saved that screenshot of your login ID and password for your bank account, but if you do not add an additional line of security, you would not be able to guarantee that your information remains safe in case you click on a spam link by accident or visit an untrustworthy website that accesses the information on your smartphone. The Lok Sabha recently released a statement that mentions that there has been a major spike in cybersecurity-related threats in India in 2022 with over 6.7 lakh cases recorded so far. Furthermore, the first two months of 2022 saw more cybersecurity cases than the entirety of 2018. Alarming numbers for sure, which is why it is of utmost importance that we protect our data, even more than we have ever done before.

When did you Protect your Data last?

Securing our data is quite an easy habit to pick up, then why do we not do it regularly? It is because of the common misconception that anything undesirable will not happen to us. However, there are many layers to this as well. In a research survey by Kantar IMRB, a study was conducted to understand data security habits. According to the research provided, nearly one in every four respondents has lost their data due to phishing attacks. On delving deeper, it was understood that the cause behind not backing up data was not as much behavioural as much as circumstantial. People consider backing up their data as a time-consuming process. However, companies such as DigiMantra Labs are not introducing innovative products that make data security and backup an easy and safe experience.

A Safe and Secure Vault to Handle your Data

With the world now spurred on by technological advancement, there is a rising requirement for easy-to-use personal data security solutions. There are innovative products that have been introduced to market such as DigiMantra Labs Easy Secure Folder which offers features to overcome the issues that come with the protection of your information. It is a simple centralized solution to secure your videos, photos and other files, while storing all your sensitive information in the same place allowing you to access it personally at any time.