Festivals in India are celebrated with full enthusiasm and without any exception. And we at DigiMantra Labs, never miss a chance to celebrate festivals, be it small or big. Diwali is known as the king of all festivals, especially the northern region of India. Diwali does not come alone but it comes with a series of festivals and that is it fills human beings and markets with full energy. At DigiMantra, we celebrate Diwali like a family and enjoy food, games and other activities together. Usually the Diwali party is planned within DigiMantra’s campus like last year, but this year the party was instead planned in the party hall.

Everyone was excited for the party as it was going to be a dance party and dance is the second thing that punjabis love, of course after FOOD. The HR team had planned various games, quizzes and contests for the party, so over all a full fun packed party. Guess what we started off with at the venue, YES – you are right, DANCE!! With the yummy snacks and drinks the party was pretty happening. After the first round of dance, there was an award ceremony which apparently excites everyone.



After few games and food, of course we had another round of DANCE!! Here’s the quick glimpse of the party. I am sure we cannot show all the fun that we had in pictures, but mesmerizing faces can easily give you an idea 🙂

[nggallery id=1]

Everyone just loved the idea of the dance party. We also found some great dancers among ourselves and some shy ones. With all the dance moves and good food, everyone enjoyed this year’s Diwali party. May the festival of lights brighten up everyone’s lives. With this let me key off this blog post and eat some sweets, Happy Diwali to everyone!