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eCommerce Development

If you’re looking for professional, all-in-one, secure eCommerce services, your search ends here. Our web hosting offers an eCommerce environment that’s 100% secure and PCI-compliant. We can help you purchase the right domain name, and set up a user-friendly and secure shopping cart system.

















Domain Name Services

Your domain name lets your customers know where to find you on the internet. It says a great deal about you, your business principles and service mentality. We’ll help you do much better than the much-used dot com domain name suffix. We’ll help you find and purchase a domain name ending that adds meaning to your internet address, such as .guru or .photography. With such an address, you’ll soon stand out among the millions of businesses on the web.

Our domain name purchase and registration services include the following:

  • Email forwarding (write@domainaddress).
  • Several tools for managing your website.
  • Simple management tools and other helpful features.

Secure Web Hosting Services

Ensuring complete security for your website’s transactions and your customers’ private data is a never-ending worry. Lack of security can lead to income loss, identity theft and loss of business reputation. A lot depends on who’s hosting your site. When you come to us, you can lay your worries to rest.

  • We perform 24/7 server monitoring to prevent hacking and malware intrusion.
  • We process and filter all incoming information using the latest firewalling technology.
  • We provide an extra layer of protection to our dedicated servers using ServerSecurePLUS™.
  • We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to safeguard your customers’ credit card, banking information and personal details. The SSL lock and the secure Https:// prefix in your address bar guarantees safety.
  • Our Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) will ensure that outsiders will never be able to intercept and modify your uploads.
  • We will also regularly backup your content on to cloud storage, making sure you never lose your valuable content.
  • We are fully Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant; we will protect your customers’ sensitive data using the latest PCI security standards.
  • Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) facility will help you manage secure remote communication with stakeholders.

Shopping Cart System Management Services

How would you like to implement an online shopping cart that you can customize anytime you want? How would you also like to add your own products, merchant accounts, categories and more to your cart at any time? You’ll be able to achieve that and more with the built-in features of our shopping cart software.

  • Add, modify or delete products quickly and efficiently.
  • Access web-chat assistance when in doubt.
  • Access and avail discount coupon codes quickly.
  • Make payment via multiple options safely and securely.
  • Checkout quickly, with no time wasted on waiting on servers.
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