As the name suggests, automated email marketing is sending out emails to customers automatically. It might sound simple, but like any other marketing skills, the more time you spend on email marketing campaigns, the more you learn, and this will help you to improve your online marketing expertise further.  

Email marketing is one of the fundamental and most important facets of online marketing that every single marketer must be aware of. Why? Because it still is one of the most effective marketing channels which is evolving.  

Automated Email Marketing

Why is Automated Email Marketing needed? 

Email marketing automation lets you stay in touch with your audience/ customers twenty-four hours a day, by sending right messages on time. It sometimes may take around 10 -15 follow up messages to persuade potential customers to make a first time purchase. Staying in contact with them is important and thanks to email marketing automation for making this possible.  

  • Automation allows businesses to organize and segment clients (geographically and demographically) by how they buy from them. It makes businesses familiar with target audiences and gives them the privilege to talk to them on a personal front.  
  • It is important to automate as much work as possible for growing your productivity. So, once automation is done, it unfolds on its own and businesses has enough time to concentrate on critical areas. All you need to do is to monitor your campaigns after regular intervals, analyze reports and consider reviewing emails that do not fetch any results.  
  • Email marketing automaton is of great help for the marketers because it helps them stick to the plan even when they are busy doing other things. All that needs to be done is to prepare and schedule content so that the campaign works itself.  
  • Email marketing automation is cost-effective; it saves businesses on labor, content, design costs and more.  
  • It opens up a myriad of communication possibilities for organizations. Automation turns their email marketing campaigns into powerful channels that convey company values in an obvious manner.   

Where and how Email Marketing Automation can help?

Automation is helpful in sending lead generation emails, welcome emails, on boarding, abandoned cart emails, and milestone emails. These are also helpful in delivering sequential messages as per the timeframe specified by marketers. Other areas where automated email marketing can help is asking customers for your product/ service feedback and assuring to work on it. You can send reminders to the customers to inform them of the upcoming expirations and provide discount offers so that they are enticed to renew the subscriptions straight away.  

Automated emails are an effective way of reaching out to the prospective and existing customers to persuade them to buy products and services. Right automated email marketing strategies will help your business achieve new heights.  

DigiMantra Labs makes it incredibly simple for businesses to set up automated email campaigns. For assistance on email marketing automation, get in touch, and we will be there to support you.