Sunday Night, every one was so excited for the trip to hail Himalayas, a group discussion was active that what itineraries are musts, shopping was on the mind. Sunday night seems too long, Finally, the day came Monday, 19 June 2017 when we all gathered and hit the road to hail Himalayas funrolic trip begins with dance, antankshri and selfies.

Hail Himalayas Trip

First Stop was for breakfast near Rajpura. Had a yummy meal and unforgettable memory was to catch one of colleague purchasing Baba churan secretly.

Breakfast Stop

We again started the journey to hail Himalayas with full of excitement. This time weather was also with us to make our trip more thrilled. It was black all over and and the second stop was at Pinewoods for lunch. Had a wonderful lunch together.

Pinewoods - Lunch Stop

We again hit the road towards our destination. An adventure started Right from the moment when we took a right turn from khanda ghat. Such a step narrow road got a wonderful experience of upgrading drive. We finally reached the location around 5:00 pm, the location was astounding. It was quiet, serene, greenery all over, we all were ready to relax in the lap of nature.

Hail Himalayas

Welcome drinks and snacks were ready by the serviceman, and the most important “Chai “. The best chai of the world we all had.

Welcome Tea

We all got ready to enjoy the bonfire night.

There was music arranged, we all rocked the floor, danced like there is no other day to have fun. After having delicious dinner dum charades were being enjoyed by two teams Digi hunks v’s Digi chicks. That nostalgic moment was unforgettable.

Fun and Dance

It was a cold breeze blowing and every person enjoyed that night with friends.
Next morning, it was an adventurous morning, everyone was ready to the sporty look to enjoy the activities. Started it with Zip line and further more activities were enjoyed like ring walk, valley crossing, the most thrilled one was rock climbing, everyone had tried their stamina to reach to the point but only a few succeeded.

Activity Day - Hail Himalayas

There were team games organized and had a crazy time. There was a water fall inside Hail Himalayas, a sudden hole fun has started and everyone took part and enjoyed the sprinkling water on each other.That was really fun capturing those splashing in camera.

Digitians Fun Time

Later the evening we had company annual meeting, There was a cake cutting ceremony and prize distribution was done, appreciation and year completion awards were honored. Everything was going in a flow.
Various problems and growth points were discussed in annual meet. Positive vibes to work harder with more enthusiasm was running in minds.

Annual Meet

After dinner, we all gathered and enjoyed dancing

Next Day Wednesday 21 June 2017
The day we had to leave back to our hometown.
But before that something full of excitement was waiting i.e trek to the waterfall.

Waterfall At Hail Himalayas

Everyone was ready at 9 am sharp to start with a trek on time. We started the trek and amazed to see the nature. What a scenery views and water aside from the trek area. It was a wonderful experience trekking for 3km. Luckily it was yoga day and we all have few minutes session of yoga in nature’s lap.

At the end of Trek point, there was a huge water fall, everyone enjoyed under freezing water.


When we came back to Hail Himalayas, it was raining heavily. It was 3o clock we started our journey back to Ludhiana and had lunch and Maggie on same Pinewood restaurant.

Around 10:00 we reached home and after all the trip ended, but it was like it should never end.
The trip was nostalgic, adventurous, funny, thrilling and moments which will be cherished.
Now waiting for next the annual meet to frame new memories in life with friends.