Reboot 2019

DigiMantra came yet in another innovative way to motivate the employees with this year’s annual fest – Reboot 2019. It was not only thought out of the box to break the work monotony but it was also planned to make it rejuvenating through various fun activities. While some were purely for entertainment like the carnival where an individual could enjoy with his colleagues with whom he or she works with and can build up an essence of friendship, the paint ball game was another such activity where the company aimed at building the team spirit in a joyous way. The company kept all its employees in regard and merged the Ludhiana team with the Mohali team so that the personnels could know each other while enjoying the daily activities. The location selection for the activities were far out of someone’s imagination along with the mouth-watering snacks being offered after regular intervals.

The night function recognised each and every hardworking and deserving candidate working for the organisation and the outing just didn’t come to an end with that, there was a bonfire too so that the employees could just sit under the peaceful beauty of stars and could just relax with his close ones. And that was not all! The company next day also organised early morning bootcamp headed by a professional award-winning fitness trainer who refreshed and energised each and everyone with his unique blend of exercises and physical competitions. It was an experience of a lifetime for every attendee, which could not be expressed in words. Its memories are still afresh in the hearts of all digitians and will be cherished forever with years going by.