ICT Expo 2016

Like each year, DigiMantra Labs is ready to showcase their ‘incredible-ness’ in the world’s biggest and most popular technology expo in Hong Kong from April 13th-16th 2016. HKTDC ICT Expo to a start-up is same as a stage to an actor – If you have something to offer, there is an endless audience you can impress and sell your skill set to.

Honk Kong has always welcomed us with open arms and great hospitality, the food on the other hand is not quite there yet (hoping better meals this year). We have learnt a lot in the past years and each year we exhibit with the same zeal and enthusiasm, trying to get the best out of it.

This year we have decided to go with a bigger team, “the more, the merrier”, right? We have been getting stronger responses with each passing year and hoping to increase the head count exponentially this time with our new product specially designed to launch at ICT Hong Kong – Roket.in.

Roket.in Build Mobile Apps with WordPress

Roket.in is a low-cost, instant app creation tool which takes your Woocommerce store to an app in a jiffy. Yes! That’s how easy it is, just share your woocommerce API keys and we integrate it into the app and voila! You multiply your audience and sales via your new app.

DigiMantra Labs is also taking along the years of expertise and experience in web designing and development, mobile app design and development, Internet marketing and corporate branding. We are all set to take the HKTDC by storm this year.

For more information regarding the ICT Expo, the list of exhibitors, the event schedule and other inquiries, you can visit the official website:  http://www.hktdc.com/