Do you feel sleepless, anxious and fearful prior to any job interview? If yes, then you are not suffering from any disease, but you have interview phobia. You heard right! All these are symptoms of interview fear that you need to overcome as soon as possible in order to grab a lucrative job.
Here are some helpful tips that may help you getting rid of your phobia:

interview tips

  • Eliminate the fear of losing/rejection – whatever fear you have in your mind before any interview, is basically due to fear of losing or rejection. What if I don’t get selected? What my colleagues will think about my abilities? These are some of the negative thoughts that pop up in you mind. So, change you attitude and be confident. Don’t chase the job, but appear for an interview as if you do not want it. This will boost your self-confidence and you can get rid of the fear of rejection.
  • Be prepared with possible Q&A – You must do little research about the company prior to the interview. This will help you to prepare a tally for the questions they might ask. Also make sure that you are well aware of the job requirement.
  • Show your calibre to interviewers – Companies always look for the candidates who can bring something fruitful to their organization. Therefore, let them know your skills that are helpful for their firm. At the same time don’t show off your abilities. Be simple and straight.
  • Be honest and no CV forging – Fabricating the CV for grabbing a job is the biggest mistake made by the candidates. Understand that interviewers and companies are smarter than you, so be honest.
  • Have flexibility – It’s good to be rigid on your terms while applying for a job, but being slightly flexible will always land you in a great job. Companies usually see how much a candidate able to cope up with the changing conditions in an organization.
  • Ask for realistic salary – Don’t negotiate much over salary as it may give negative impression about you. Interviewers will think that money is the only factor in your decision to change the job.
    Ask politely for a feedback after the interview finishes – This will make you a positive person who is always ready for a feedback to alter his shortcomings.

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