If research and studies are to be believed, then social media marketing is the next big thing which can catapult your business into success. But most of you aren’t aware that social media does not just include the social networking sites, it also includes blogging, which we know is now the rage amongst the new generation. But simply starting a blog will not do, you have to come up with innovative ways of making your blog popular, and to promote it.
SEO or search engine optimization is one way. And according to SEO guidelines, guest blogging is now one of the top inbound marketing strategies that you can opt for.

Guest Blogging for SEO

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What Exactly is Guest Blogging?

What is guest blogging all about, you ask? Guest blogging is a common method used by bloggers, to increase traffic to their own blogs, by writing guest posts on other peoples’ sites. You need to approach “veteran” bloggers or bloggers who’ve already made a name for themselves and ask to submit blogs on their already popular sites.
You need develop a pitch, that will immediately convince the people you approach to let you guest post. Be convincing, persuasive but not intrusive, be casual yet firm. Don’t let words fool you, it isn’t as easy as it seems.

How Can Guest Blogging Benefit You?

So you’ve started a blog, congratulations on that. You’ve probably taken every step that helpful websites suggested to increase traffic. You’ve also made sure that you offer top quality content, and do it frequently to catch attention. But you’ve still not had that “aha” moment where to your surprise, and joy, how traffic to your website has doubled overnight. Then you might want to try guest blogging, and this is how it works –

1) You Get an Established Audience

If you’re new to the blogging arena, chances are that you might go unnoticed no matter how much your content makes sense or how relevant it is. But guest blogging might make your audience more sensitive to you, and gives you a chance to make yourself heard.

2) Connect with Influential People

If you’re just starting out, then you’re going to find it incredibly difficult to grab attention of influential people. But if you’re persistent and are able to impress them with great viewpoints and posts, you just might hit it home. Guest blogging is a fantastic way of building relationships and increasing your network.

3) Top Quality Content

When you own a blog, your top priority should be to produce top quality content. Look at what’s trending and relevant; your content needs to have spice and grit. If you get it right, it will be the best kind of marketing for your website or blog.

4) More Followers in Social Accounts

You need to be popular in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, if you want your blog to go somewhere. Guest blogging entails social networking sites; including your Twitter handle in your guest blog will double your followers and allow you to slowly but surely climb to the top of search engine results.

5) Multiple Authors Make Blogs Credible

While following blogs, the one thing that bothers readers is the credibility factor. “Is the author right?” “How can I trust him?” are some of the questions they face. But people tend to believe blogs and websites more if there are multiple writers contributing.

So now you know, guest blogging could be a blessing in disguise for your blog, and it truly is one of the best marketing strategies that ever existed.

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