AI is an exponentially growing field, making its way into almost every domain under the sun. Right from calculating your sleep quality to counting the number of calories you’ve burned, AI or artificial intelligence has taken over every sphere. It’s growing demand is due to its ease of access, availability, the growing variety of uses and most importantly, it’s efficiency.

The World Wide Web can literally be called as the most used resource. Right from checking out health symptoms to booking an LED TV, transferring money to connecting with people, the web is the first option for millions of people across the globe.

When AI and the Web come together, nothing short of a miracle takes place. Here are some such features that have been implemented for some time now. There are various other leaps, waiting to happen.

1. Web Coding:

2019 has a massive potential to redefine the process of web coding by making use of self-learning algorithms. Various functions and tasks that are important but tedious can be executed with ease: maintenance and updates of databases, accurate prediction of codes that can prompt developers to adhere to an efficient solution, etc. This gruesome task doesn’t need human involvement and is self-evolving so that it can sustain on its own. This allows web developers to build smarter apps that are also very user-friendly. The speed of the executions involved is increased multifold.

2. Simplifying Complex Processes:

Designing the web layout and templates are time-consuming. Simple AI tools or virtual assistants simplify the process by classifying the data quickly and efficiently to come up with the right combination of layout, design, brand, and content required by the specified user. Some of the processes involved here are image editing and enhancement, background recognition, etc. that are automatically taken care of, by the AI at work.

3. SEO Strategies:

Web analysis tools are dominated by humans who often interpret the data on the web. Since data is being generated at a hurtling speed, it is difficult to catch up and keep track of it. With the use of an AI, the data can be collected and interpreted easily and more efficiently. Predictive engines designed specifically for this purpose help to identify the problem areas of the website which can later be resolved.

4. Automation:

Each client has different requirements. By using an AI, a developer can collect and process data efficiently to meet each user’s requirements. This can be achieved through the use of a chatbot or a voice assistant that collects and sorts data. This data is then shared with the department in question. The relevant measures and steps can then be strategically planned. This system extensively makes use of artificial vision, image recognition, NLP, algorithms, and machine learning processes.

5. Improved end-user experience:

By adhering to a set of predefined commands, chatbots can collect only the necessary data. Integrating the chatbot with AI, helps it to evolve and stimulate a real conversation with the user. It learns and adapts according to the needs. They can respond to queries, they can add relevant comments, provide real-time customized assistance.

6. Easy testing and interpretation:

With minimal input from humans, AI’s algorithms can predict the parameters. They collect and interpret historical data which gives them a past track record. They have the ability to amplify the problem areas with greater efficiency and accuracy. In this way, bugs can be identified within seconds. The results are automatically interpreted so that humans don’t have to sulk over lengthy calculations.

These days, everyone prefers a high level of accuracy and efficiency in a short period of time. AI is the best solution. The healthy competition in the market has caused the AI technology to get better day by day, outdoing one another in terms of smart options. Web Development is a major field where AI has a large potential that is waiting to be harnessed. Let us all look forward to a revolutionary future that has evolving applications to keep the AI updated to the major growing needs.