LinkedIn is one of the most prominent and professional social networking websites used by millions of professionals all across the globe. If a choice is to be made between other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more, LinkedIn is by far most powerful for your business. To take LinkedIn to the next level and to use it as a marketing tool, businesses must connect with leading SMM companies and put below-given recommendations into action:


Create Effective LinkedIn Page/ profile: Create a LinkedIn page/ profile that represents your business’s details. This page should offer ample opportunities for prospective clients to know about your company. One of the best ways in which businesses can keep their connections informed about what is happening is by posting the status updates on company page/ profile. These updates are brief statements that your connections might find useful. These updates can also contain links to your website or third-party websites that can lead to sales. Thus, it is important for businesses to appear active on LinkedIn and post useful and actionable status updates at regular intervals.

Connect With Everyone: Some newbies will say, you should connect with only those you already know, so that a recommendation to others can be made when an introduction is needed. But, how do you expand your business opportunities when you shut off communication with the rest of LinkedIn members? LinkedIn can help businesses in the same way as a live networking event does. It works as a platform for businesses to introduce themselves and if their network grows, it will create more opportunities in the long run.

Be Compelling: Most of the LinkedIn pages and profiles we get to see are extremely boring. They fail to showcase compelling attributes or have zero personality. Businesses must nicely tell people about what they are into, whom they help and how they do that so that people have some direction when they land on your page or profile.

Join Targeted Groups: No matter, which industry you are into, it is important to be a part of the related LinkedIn groups. You can join groups on particular niches and also be the owner of few. Think of these groups as independent social networks where you have the privilege to spread your message effectively and connect with people to take your business to another level.

Add advanced applications: LinkedIn has rolled out applications that help businesses to promote their services better. Businesses can go to the applicable sections of the company profile to check which one can be used most effectively.

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