Festival of Lights

Diwali or Deepawali is all about happiness and festivity! It is one of many festivals in India that everyone looks forward to. It brings positivity, happiness and so much energy not only in one’s mind but all over the environment. It is an occasion that displays the true meaning and importance of light in everyone’s life. Diwali calls for that extra edge of celebrations and festivity in the office. So let me walk you through our Diwali Celebrations at the DigiMantra Labs office.


                                    Bay Decoration Competition

We celebrated Diwali with style. Celebrations started with Work Space Decoration event wherein every team member were enthusiastic to showcase their creativity, the whole office was filled with props and colorful lights. There is a saying that “we should enjoy the process of doing anything rather than worrying about the result” and that’s what was displayed in every team.


                                              Rangoli Competition

Rangoli is a traditional folk art, wherein in every house or office welcome’s Lakshmi with colorful rangoli. Well, not all of us are crafty with Rangoli including the professional designer’s yet but everyone wanted to participate and showcase their on-screen creativity with Rangoli and the results blew us all away.


                                     Best Dressed Male and Female

At DigiMantra Labs, we have employees from all over India and it was a very spectacular scene to see everyone wearing ethnic wear belonging to different cultures. It really brings the cultural vibe at the office. There was a selection for the best ethnically dressed male and female from all the participants. It is a good way to appreciate and pay tribute to our roots. Well, our winners for the best ethnically dressed competition were Mr.Manpreet Singh and Mrs. Kanica! Their dressing style and general persona, fit the celebration subject completely.


                                               Dance competition

This Year’s Diwali had seen a 100% participation across all activities organized and everybody danced to share their joy. Organizing a dance competition is an inevitable part of Diwali celebrations and when it’s  Dance off between guys and girls then you can imagine how blissful the celebrations were.


                                                Gift Distribution

Diwali has always been about blessings and treats. It is the ideal celebrations to offer a token of gratefulness, to keep the spirit of employees high by gifting something noteworthy and I must say the gifts were unique and really made the day for all of the employees. Much thanks to all of the DigiMantra Labs Family.


                         The Most Important part of the Day: Dinner

And to wrap up, the day ended with some live snacks followed by a lovely dinner. As we know eating together has always been significant in nurturing the connections amongst employees and building trust, it has been perceived as a positive development among everyone. Team Dinner was the perfect ending of our Diwali Celebrations 2018 at DigiMantra  Labs.