The wave of compromised data is on the rise, as nowadays an increasing number of companies experience crippling security breaches. Data breach statistics show that hackers are highly motivated to acquire data, and that personal information is a highly valued type of data. Studying the recent statistics, it is apparent that companies are still under prepared for breaches even though they are becoming more commonplace. The average per record (per capita) cost of a data breach increased by 10.3 percent from 2020 to 2021.

Stronger Mobile Application Security is the Key to Revenue Growth

We all have some kind of information that we’d rather keep hidden, but what’s the best way to store that data from wandering eyes? We document hundreds of memories these days instantly, thanks to the smartphones that we carry in our pockets. These memories stay safely within our gallery, and are just one tap away, however, there’s one problem. Smartphones are extremely personal gadgets, there can be several photos, videos, and documents that we don’t want others to see.

Leverage the Defence-grade Easy Secure Folder App

If one visits the gallery or the file manager, all photos, videos, documents, and other files are readily visible, and that can be a serious privacy concern. Organizing data is sometimes the last thing we want to do, but if you have critical financial documents or collections of embarrassing photos lingering around, you want to keep them private in case anyone checks or hacks your phone. Having a passcode on your device is not enough, because if you show your phone to your friends and family, they simply get access to everything. To be smarter and limit access to your hidden world, the Easy Secure Folder App created by DigiMantra Labs can make your life easier.

Store Confidential Data with Ease

All iPhone or iPad users, can add their private photos or videos to a secret folder through this app. The app can securely store an unlimited number of videos, documents, and any other confidential information with automatic backup and synchronization across all iOS devices. The information within that folder is not accessible to anyone who may have access to the phone, including malicious attackers, law enforcement, or friends and family.
Our team designed this app in a way that nobody can see any information that you store in it. It uses rock-solid, industry-standard encryption. The notion of Easy Secure Folder is to keep hidden data encrypted and safe from prying eyes, and other apps, and that is something that every smartphone user should be interested in. As long as you’ve got an iOS account and an apple device, you are good to go.

Turning Security Up the DigiMantra Way

We live in the privacy theft era; the leakage of photos and other personal documents has become an everyday affair. Therefore, Easy Secure Folder is inherently locked behind a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID unless the passcode option is disabled. Our mission is to make privacy and security easy. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, by 2025 cybercrime is estimated to cost $10.5 trillion globally, increasing by 15 percent yearly. As people have been in peak oversharing mode lately privacy becomes of utmost priority at the moment. With Easy Secure Folder you can set your own boundaries, organize your life and control your privacy.