In this era of Social Media, newer technologies are coming up every day. Instagram is one of the most preferred and popular social media sites amongst the youth today. It allows the people to share their life via pictures. Instagram marketing is a very effective tool for social media marketing.

But recently, Instagram has come up with a new feature called “Instagram Stories”. This is a feature, which enables the users to share their videos and photos instantly.

How does it work?

It is more like, click a picture and share. Click a video and share then and there. It gets saved as a story for 24 hours. So, if a person is sharing 3 videos and 4 photos, his or her story will show all this in a continuation and will be live for 24 hours.

People are dynamic with their choices now and so is the social media marketing tools. This feature of Instagram will engage more people as the stories are time bound. The stories appear on the top of the home screen in this app with the profile picture of the people sharing it.

If you visit a friend’s profile who has a current story posted, you will see a circle around the profile picture. Clicking on that, you will be taken to his or her stories.

How will it engage the people?

If the person allows messaging, then there will be a “Send Message” tab on the below left in every story. You can create a story, post it and also save it to your phone. It is easy and more than convenient.

When an action is time bound, it sure creates more excitement and buzz. The same philosophy is followed by the Instagram marketing team. If you want to promote your brand, Instagram Stories will help you create a buzz amongst your followers.

Moreover, it does not require your phone to have a storage capacity. Even if you have run out of memory, you can still share instant videos and photos with your audience or followers. This is typically essential at the time of events and live broadcasts.

Be one step ahead in social media marketing by using Instagram Memories.

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