Planning to give an Interview at startup? Cool – you are going to be in good hands and you will have a LOT to learn. In this post, we are going to share tips on how to “crack interview” at startup –

Startups are cool

Startup people, culture, environment, offices are cool. So if you think you are cooler than the person interviewing you then you better prove it soon 🙂

Dress the way you like

Don’t dress to impress! You should have the skills to impress! You don’t have to wear formals unlike a usual interview, however, if you feel comfortable in dapper looks, then go ahead!

interview tips

Know yourself

You have been called for an interview which means you’ve required skills for it.  So feel FREE to highlight those during your discussion round. As a basic rule of any interview, don’t flaunt about it.

Ready to learn attitude

Startups have their own culture and they manage things differently. Unlike a big MNC they might not use Scrum model but instead “super” agile model for their development team. So be ready to adapt that kind of team and work culture.

You should be a doer

It’s very important that you are able to achieve results within given period of time. A startup mostly requires you to not only deliver your code on time, but also deliver a quality code. A startup does not have much time to waste in different iterations as they have very tight deadlines.

Environment, infrastructure & Culture

You will get the “best” environment of the industry in a good startup company. No big company will give you a chance to sit next to your project manager, team lead and deliver stuff. But in a growing company there are no “real” hierarchies and if there exists few, then they are always sitting next to you. So you can “learn” a LOT from them on the go!

When it comes to infrastructure – A startup maybe having the building on rent, but I am sure they have the world’s best coffee to offer. And they should have iPad, xbox / Playstation etc. to ease your work tension. Expect your colleagues to possess latest gadgets and “actually” using the gadgets like they should be and not just for checking emails.

Now you have some great interview tips, be confident and gear up for your interview. Good Luck!

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