Today I want to share some thoughts about something we all humans get affected cross all occupations, be it business, professional, house management, etc.,

Rumi once said :

You are not a drop in the ocean,

You are the entire ocean in a drop.

Such a beautiful expression of human value.

Professional Stress

We all are capable of anything and everything. Yet at times, we get into self-doubt or get caught in the whirlwind of daily chaos without realizing that each of us is a survivor, each of us is exceptional, each of us is unique and a small bundle of infinite possibilities.

In professional life, we come across many different shades of human behaviors and interactions. Some of us are hyper. Some laid back. Some ambitious. Some content. Some calculative. Some risk takers.

Each day with every human interaction is a valuable learning in the professional arena.

Here I’m going to share my piece of personal but valuable learning which is beneficial to all of us, especially in handling professional situations.

Each day, I used to see my boss managing myriad of situations, some of which was nerve wrecking, without a pinch of worry or confusion on his face. His behavior used to be sometimes way calm and composed for a situation, that at times it made me wonder in astonishment. It was a mystery to me as I personally, get over-reactive to small hiccups of situations at times.

One fine day, somewhat a year back, while interacting with him I asked him the question I was aching to ask for a pretty long time.

How does he manage every situation remaining so calm and without a trace of anger ever?

The reply, I got, was so simple but deep that it got etched in my mind forever

“Why get angry ever”.

Exactly “Why” get angry or hyper ever, no matter what. Why stress for anything. There is a choice. Either get stressed over things and handle them, with of course the additional burden of what stress brings along with it in the form of anxiety, fuzzy focus, and confusion or stay calm and focussed, by concentrating only on solving the problem, then on the outcome of it and possible difficulties That might arise.

How has ever stress or anger ever helped anybody in any situation? The obvious is NEVER.

Somethings are bound to happen and are beyond our control, so getting stressed over that is futile. Somethings we can do. Some scenarios are in our control. Why not give our best-focussed self, without any stress, in handling them as best we can so that outcomes are more likely to be what we want them to be.

He taught me a valuable lesson that day ( Which I admit I am still struggling to fully implement due to inherent hyper nature ) that we have a choice to handle the same challenge with or without stress. Then why not choose the second option.

We have to learn to do the same thing in a more calm and focused manner with confidence and self-belief in ourselves as we all possess infinite power within us. We just have to realize it.