Developing an app or a website from scratch requires a lot of work. PHP frameworks help in making this tedious process simpler and more efficient. In the simplest term, PHP frameworks provide code libraries for the commonly used functions which can save you a lot of time. And in the list of go-to PHP framework list, Laravel stands out.

For close to a decade now, the Laravel Framework has transformed the world of software development. Created by Taylor Otwell, this PHP web framework was first released in June 2011. Offering a Mode-View-Control architecture (MVC), some of the biggest web applications have been built using Laravel. The framework is favored by developers on a global level. Besides easing down the process of development by simplifying complex task, Laravel offers a vast a vast ecosystem with a number of features.

Some key highlights

  • Some PHP frameworks are more favored than others, depending on the industry we are looking at. With Laravel, the case is the same. According to one report, the Laravel framework is the most favored framework by the compute, electronic and technology industry. Closely tagging this industry is the art and entertainment industry.
  • When it comes to distribution in terms of countries, USA stands out. This is closely followed by Russia and Brazil. India comes fourth in the number of websites developed using Laravel.

What makes Laravel the go-to option for developer?

  • Implementing authorization is a simple process with Laravel, as is authentication. With the framework, developers can organize logic and control entry to a resource database.
  • Laravel supplies a clean, popular API. It allows an application to swiftly get started by providing drivers for mail services such as SMTP, Mailgun, Mndrill, SparkPost, and Amazon SES.
  • Another reason for more developers preferring Laravel is that it speeds up the development as well as decreases the time-to-market for various applications. What makes Laravel an ideal option for small projects is the framework’s default setting which is using the file cache driver.
  • Laravel assists in securing web applications by protecting it against the most prevalent security threat such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, scripting, etc. The framework comes with enhanced security which means its codes are guarded and has been vetted by multiple people.
  • The usability of an application is, to a great extent, dependent on how a framework handles error. With Laravel architecture, error and exception is already built in. Furthermore, Laravel comes integrated Monolog, which is one of the best logging libraries for PHP frameworks like Laravel.
  • Testing ensures that you app works smoothly and is glitch-free. Automated testing is another feature that Laravel offers users. The framework includes a phpunit.xml file that is preinstalled for web apps. Additionally, it also allows developers to simulate basic user behaviours like clicking links, filling out forms, etc.
  • URL routing helps web application make sense of what the user wants to see. In its absence, the app might show a blank page. Laravel routes are defined in the pre-existing file and is automatically loaded by the framework.
  • With more traffic coming to your web application, you want a system that upholds data integrity whilie maintaining an efficient performance. Laravel enables a message queue system for web apps. The framework’s queue service has a unified API across various backends.

The downside of using Laravel

  • As a lightweight framework, Laravel offers less inbuilt support as compared to other frameworks like Django and Ruby on Rails. What developers then need to do is integrate third-party tools.
  • Extending classes on Laravel is tricky as not all of Laravel’s core files are within the framework’s namespace. Some of the core files don’t use a name slash (/) as well.
  • Updates on PHP frameworks can be problematic at times With Laravel, updates for long-term support can cause minor problem in the proper functioning of your web application.
  • Documentation is a loaded process with Laravel and it’s best to have some experience when building an application. On the upside, the framework has a huge online community and a dedicated support network. These help developers to not get discouraged.


Web applications have become a crucial component to ensure that your business reaches the right audience as well as more consumers get the right shopping experience with your web app. Laravel can make this a reality. With the Laravel 7.12 released in May 2020, you can try more new features. These includes Truehosts Middleware, foundation function, rebinding method, and the use of default URLs in Routing.

One of the reasons why the Laravel framework is favored globally is because of its advanced features and development tools that facilitate swift and smooth software web application development. Laravel is a good option for hose looking to build an advanced scalable web solution.