Wherever we go, one thing seems to be in common – heavy traffic and the struggle to find a parking space. Yes, it is like these struggles have become a part of our daily life. Wherever we go, be it to the office, malls, college or shopping, everyone is in a scuffle to find a good parking space that is near our drop off.

This has been taking a considerable time of our daily routine and there seems no escape from it. But not anymore, the latest technology in the form of Parking space finder apps have come to the rescue. These parking finder apps do not only let us know about the nearest parking space available, but can also keep it reserved for us. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Well, it surely does and seems like these parking finding apps are the future of the coming generation. They are in their pilot stage now, but the huge potential in them makes them a worth trying shot. So, if you are an entrepreneur and you are looking at some big success shot success.

then this could be your chance.

There are three main categories for the parking finder app development:

Navigation Based – these apps would only let you know about the available and suitable parking spots.

Booking Based –these apps would let you know about the available and suitable parking spots and would also give you the option to Pre-book the parking slots by making advance payment.

Valet service – along with navigation and Booking, these apps can offer amazing Valet parking services to the users wherein they can provide them with a valet who will park the car and will bring it back to them at our drop off location when asked.

You can go for any of the above-mentioned models but make sure that it has the required and the latest features that will fascinate users.

So, for that we have compiled a list of some great parking finder app features which you must watch out for, if you are thinking of developing one.

Let us start with this list of features:

Easy to use Interface with interesting and relevant features like:

The sign up should be made really easy and simple. The user should be a given option to sign-up using different social media accounts to offer the ease of registration.

Profile details– once the user has sign up, he should be taken to the profile page wherein he can fill in his and the vehicle’s details. This should be a short and brief form asking for relevant information only. Along with that, the parking finder app should also give street parking alerts to the users to indicate the metered parking, no parking, and the street signs.

Price estimation- Along with an allocating a suitable parking space, the user should also be given an idea about the price of that location and the others being offered at different prices. This is done so that the user can make an informed choice based on the total amount he will have to pay.

GPS vehicle tracking– The system has to have a GPS vehicle tracking feature integrated so that the user can be given an idea about the parking space and estimated distance between their parking and the current location.

Guide the vehicle to the parking space– Firstly, the user should be able to find the nearest parking space easily with a simple search. Once the parking location has been found, the user should be guided to the allocated destination to offer him convenience and a trouble-free experience or they could be provided the map searching option wherein they can locate their parking space with the help of Google Maps and can figure out the optimized path for reaching the desired parking space.

Facility of Valet parking– In cases, where the parking space is far from where the user want to get off, these apps can provide them with a valet who will park the car and will bring it back to them at our drop off location when asked.  Here, what is required is the feature to let the users check and select the pick-up location of their vehicle so as to collect it. Here, the Users can set the arrival and the departure time and can be allotted parking space and valet accordingly. Users can make the payment to their valet as per the KMs traveled while parking the car and the parking charges. The users can communicate with the drivers so as to verify the location of the car and can update them about their location as well, so that the driver may drop the car as per their desired location.

Pre-schedule your booking– Even before the users step out of their homes they can schedule their parking at a suitable location. This option could offer them convenience and comfort like anything.

Check their parking location– Users can keep a can check on the locations at which their vehicles were parked frequently.

Provide ratings and reviews: According to the services delivered and the locations of the parking places, users can post the reviews and ratings.

Different parking packages– One interesting and needed feature in your app could be different parking packages. Yes, this means that you can offer weekly, monthly or even yearly parking packages to the users wherein the same parking spot will be booked for them for the designated time period. This could be a really interesting feature as the users will not have to open the app daily and find the parking location every day.

Different rates for different packages– Now, there has to be a rate card where in different rates should be provided to the users for different packages like weekly, monthly and yearly packages. These rates should be discounted than the one-day parking rates so that the user finds them more lucrative.

Multiple Payment options– These days’ people are using different payment options. From Paytm, Google Pay, Mobikwik, Paypal to Amazon Pay, the list seems never ending. Now, the user should be given complete flexibility in this matter when he is making the payment. This means the payment getaway should have all possible options along with cash payments to offer convenience to the users.

A rate card menu- On the app, the user should be able to find a general rate care menu of different parking locations, in different areas at different point of time. This information can help them plan the trip accordingly. Along with that, the user who is not booking the parking slot can have a little idea about the rates being charged so this could be a good feature to add.

In-App Communications: the user should be offered the option to contact the driver, customer, admin and customer support representatives within the app as per their own convenience which means all the options should be provided like Chat, Call and Email.

The admin panel should have this option where the user can add or reject the drivers depending on the number of parking request aligned.

Driver’s personal details and ID proof: The drivers can update their basic information along with the scanned copy of the ID proof, in order to prove authenticity and the user should be able to see them. This could make the whole experience with the app more trustworthy and secure.

Ratings and review: the users should be able to give ratings, reviews, and comments to the drivers and their experience they had with the application. The drivers can view the rating and reviews assigned by the user according to the services and quality delivered.

Able to track their vehicles– The users can track the location of their vehicles, in the parking spot so as to be assured that their parked vehicles are safely located in the desired parking place.

Multiple parking space suggestions– the user should be given multiple parking space suggestions so in case of unavailability of one user can find out the nearby landmarks for parking their car, thus saving them to start searching from the scratch.

In-app Communication:  SMS, emails, etc. can be used so as to keep them updated about the latest offers and services. All the messages related to the payment, request, discount and the app updates can also be sent to the users with the help of push notifications.

The users should be offered different offers and discounts as per different occasions. These deals and offers keep the users engaged. Along with that there should be some sort of rewards for the users as well like- some cashback offers, discounts and customer loyalty points and referral offers.

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