Mobile applications have changed our lives completely. The kind of ease, convenience and amenities they offer has literally made us an application buff. From cab booking application to getting grocery at home, online payments to easy food delivery, we have dedicated apps for different purposes and all are making our lives more convenient and us a bigger fan of technology.

The year that passed by saw tremendous growth in terms of technological advancements and the mobile application market leveraged on that full throttle. The good thing is the mobile application market is still in its growing phase and in fact is growing at the fastest rate since its inception. Now, to leveraging on that should be your business’s focus in 2019. There will be new technology coming in, more developments taking place and innovations taking the front seat.

In that scenario, you should keep yourself open to new ideas and opportunities because there will a lot coming your way. So, if you are too looking to develop a mobile application for your business then now is the time. Watch out for these latest trends in the mobile app development so that you can outperform your competitors and offer the most exciting features and services to your potential client.

Let’s dive in and see what this list has in store for us:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology:

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is not new in the mobile app development market. It has existed for the last few years, but is getting more popular with every passing day. The combination of human intelligence and machine learning is catching the fancy of the users and so the business owners who find this concept quite interesting.

Starting from, Faceapp like applications, Virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana to the increasing popularity of chatbots. We have become a fan of Artificial Intelligence. This powerful technology uses combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence. This way Artificial Intelligence has achieved a great deal in simplifying our lives and offering us incredibly unique services. This will keep fascinating the users even more, so make sure to integrate this technology in your app if you have the scope for it.




2. Internet of Things:

Internet of Things has been quite literally ruling the mobile application development market. Owing to this the world has been going smart and so needs your business to. Beginning from smart TVs, smart ACs we have reached to the point of complete smart homes. Who knows what is there in store for us and what unexpected things we may find connected to our phones in 2019.

Yes, actually the development has been breaking a lot of conventions and will be surprising us with even great developments. Now, we can just wait and watch how the technology turn these basic devices into smart devices or we can just take the lead ourselves and come up with some great idea of our own.

It’s all about surprising your users and offering them something unique and what could be better than adding another smart device to their lives. So, take note of this and look out for trends in the Smart device trends in the market.


Internet of Things


3. On- demand Service Mobile Application:

On-demand service applications have truly revolutionized our lives. It has made us so dependent on technology (all in a good way) that we cannot imagine our lives without these apps. The kind of convenience and comfort they have offered us could not have been possible otherwise. Today we are booking salon services, ordering grocery and booking appointment for a doctor all while sitting at home.

We do not need to step out of the home as practically we get everything we need at home through these on demand service apps. The trend started with cab booking app Uber and it has reached another level of success. From food, medicines, movie tickets, Freelance services, home services, health services, and so much we can book on an on demand service app. It is just amazing!!

In fact, the on demand app have 50% of the market share of the mobile application users. If we overlook the fact then we will be losing a great deal of opportunities.

So, on demand mobile app is the deal these days and a business should surely consider the development that has taken place in this sphere essential for their mobile app development.



4. Wearable Apps:

The most trending and the exciting addition made by the mobile app market was in the form of wearable devices. Yes, Wearable devices have become the favorite of users for all the good reasons like their amazing style and ease of use.

Yes, more than the kind of features they offer, these wearable devices add so much chic and style to our personality and hence this buzz about them. It started from the health care industry using wrist bands to monitor blood sugar, cholesterol, and heart rate and moving to smart watches and fitness bands to monitor our physical activities.

The most popular in the league are smart watches that have literally changed the way we use our phones. We do not even need to take the phone out of our pocket because we can access half of the things on our smart watches. Isn’t it another level of convenience?

Yes, it is owing to which the development in this sphere is taking place at a faster pace and developers are coming up with ideas like smart glasses and headsets to add to the list wearable devices. So, these applications are commanding a great deal of influence in the industry and with plethora of choices on both Android and iOS you can choose so, the one that fits your needs.



5. AR and VR Technology

A new term has been coined for the AR and VR technology which is beyond the screen and 2019 is going to be the year of AR and VR. Yes, this beyond the screen technology is surely going to take the front seat and be the focus of many application developments.

From gaming to social media apps, the AR and VR technology has already come along a long way and has garnered a lot of attention along its journey. For years, it has caught the fancy of the audience and is surely going to be loved in 2019 also. It makes the whole mobile app experience very interactive and personal and hence this buzz about it. So, let us see what the AR and VR technology brings for us this year.


AR and VR technology


6. Chatbots

Chatbots entered the world of mobile application in 2016 and since its inception has evolved rapidly and gathered a lot of popularity. These are basically Ai programs interacting with human beings and they have taken the ease and convenience of using a mobile application to another level. They can literally simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites or mobile apps. They are basically those conversational agents that can write or speak human language and establish a meaningful conversation with a real person in real time.

They can be used to by businesses and entrepreneurs to augment or improve the efficiency of any aspect of their business operations, improve customer engagement and enhance User Experience. There most famous uses for customers could be the ability to order food, book a ride, shop online, content delivery, companionship apps and so on. The technology offers great customer experience and surely has the power to make an app more loved and fancied.




7. Instant Apps

With the mobile app development market growing at this amazingly fast pace, the competition has got really tough. The competition is not only among the apps of same categories but between different categories also as they fight to be on the user’s phone while he has such limited space.

Yes, the limited space and memory limits the app downloads of users. This is why this new concept of Instant apps have been developed.

Instant Apps have come up with an amazing solution that adds ease and immediacy in using an app. It sends the necessary code to Android device, which runs the app. Android instant app technology enables native apps to run in response to URL launch. This way you do not need to install and download the app to your device but you can use it effectively at the same time. They look and operate just like one of the apps that are installed on your phone and does not consume any space.


Instant apps


8. Mobile Payments App

With the increasing number of mobile applications, the demand for mobile payments app is growing at a fast space. Mobile payments services has to do directly with the number of applications installed in your phone because most of these apps requires the system of online payment and in that case you use one of the mobile payment services.

Within the coming years, more and more people will be going for digital payment methods so that they can make hassle-free payments and van be relieved of the stress of bank transfer of funds and transactions and so this buzz about these apps.


Mobile payments app


9. Cloud-Based Technology

As talked above, there is a huge increase in the number of applications in the market and so in your phone. This puts the storage system under more pressure and makes it difficult to use multiple apps on the phone.

In that scenario, it will become necessary to integrate the cloud-based app for ease of use. Beating the limitations of storage in the devices, these apps offer easy cloud management. So, no worries about the data in your phone, or the number of application you use because with cloud management apps you can store and manage as much data as you want without dealing with the storage problem.

More than being a want these apps are the need of today’s times and sooner or later all the users will have at least one cloud management app in their devices. So, before anyone takes the lead be the first to offer the best features to the users in this space and capture this market.


Cloud based technology


10. Enhancement of App Security

As the number of mobile applications increases in the market, the app users are getting more and more concerned about app security. There is so much data and important information stored in those applications that users are gravely concerned about the security of the app.

In that case, it is very important that app developers add some essential security features in the app. So, that the app cannot be hacked, the data cannot be manipulated any security feature cannot be breached.

App developers will work harder to provide the best protection against hacking, phishing, and all sorts of illegal activities and add uncompromising security features in the app.


Enehancement of App Security


11. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Till date, there are two major players in the AMP technology services which are Google and the Guardian and they have helped enhance the app experience for the users. This technology works or mobile applications similarly like the concept of Search Engine Optimization helps for the website which helps it rank better and higher.

Yes, by using this this platform the performance and loading speed of the pages is scrutinized and they are ranked higher. So, basically it is the idea of using mobile application optimization to rank some mobile applications higher so that they gain higher traffic and visibility. The AMP or the Accelerated Mobile Pages is the shorter variant of the HTML that helps in high performance processing and faster loading of the pages.


Accelerated Mobile Pages


12. Beacon Apps

Beacons are small devices that send Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to mobile devices nearby. The one-way signals then interact with a mobile application installed on the device and trigger specific actions, such as location-based notifications. Apps are using beacons for real-world context; to deliver the mobile experiences at the right time and the right place and this can be a real fancy for app users and developers in 2019.

The mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives today. We have numerous apps installed in our phones and have become practically reliable on them. So, what we are witnessing today is every evolving and developing app market for the users and highly competitive app development market for the developers. More and more competitors are entering the market and fighting for space in our phones.

In such scenario, only the best apps with all the latest features and modern trends succeed to stay in our phones and in our hearts too. So, if you want yours to succeed then follow the latest trend sand offer only the best to your users to keep them engaged.

These trends are however never constant so stay updated and informed and adaptable to all sorts of changes.


Beacon apps