mobile marketing

Mobile marketing may be defined as a marketing activity carried out through a pervasive network to which the users are invariably allied using a personal mobile apparatus.
In simple words, marketing through smartphones is what comprises mobile marketing. It provides the user with exhibit data to advocate goods and services as well as clue. Mobile marketing has following techniques through which it is done-

SMS Marketing– SMS marketing or Marketing through short message service on phone has evolved as a widely accepted advertising channel around the world. Its presence can now be observed extensively in the continents of Asia as well as Europe. Over the time, mobile short codes have come to be recognized as widely renowned so as to broadcast the messages to consumers.

MMS Marketing– It refers to the marketing in which the content is conveyed via multimedia message service with the use of slideshows, text, audio and video. The phones produced with a color screen are adept of transmitting MMS message.

Push Notification– Antecedently launched by apple with the arrival of iPhone in 2007 push notification further became common with android where these notifications are published at the top of the screen helping the application heiress to acquaint beeline with users.

App Based Marketing– App usage has greatly increased with the widespread use of Smartphone thus giving advantage to mobile marketing by using the Smartphone app. In order to increase the interaction amid the company and target customers the app based marketing technique is in a high core.

In-Game Mobile Marketing– Brands have begun to deliver advocational messages within mobile games. The essential trends of mobile gaming are as follows-
Interactive real time 3D games
Massive multi-player games
Social networking games.

Mobile Web Marketing– The Mobile Marketing Association provides a set of guidelines to sanction the metrics and ad presentation formats, most of which are widely used in reporting.

QR Codes– QR codes are tremendously getting popular in Asia and Europe but are still not adopted by North America. It let the users to view a web page address after scanning a 2D image with their phones cameras rather than manually entering the URL.

Bluetooth– Bluetooth enables convenient, defended connectivity for a burgeon range of devices and services due to which companies in Europe have established successful standards.

Location Based Services– These services are offered by some cell phones network to send custom advertising and related information, depending largely upon the present location of a mobile user.

The Future of Mobile Marketing

No doubt mobile marketing has become very popular but it should be understood that irrespective of how well the messages are designed, if customers doubt that their privacy is not protected this can become a hindrance to the widespread development. This can only be prevented through privacy concerns in mobile marketing.

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