A thought to celebrate Company’s Annual Meet lead us to the various alternatives but nothing else could be more exciting than enjoying this big day in the lap of paradise.

Sanawar Hills

An expedition begins:-

It was the morning of 20th  when I commenced the journey from Ludhiana to Sanawar (a beautiful place located at a distance of 6 km from Kasauli) with all the Digitians.  I was really very excited as I hadn’t been to Sanawar before and this was my first time which doubled my curiosity to see the wonderful place.  The journey was filled with elation, joy, marvellous songs, shimmering rain and yes DELECTABLE Food 😛 (which can’t be missed at any cost). It was near about 4 hours of journey and finally we reached the place full of thrill and adventure (Sanawar nature camp).

Fun begins at NATURE CAMP

The first glimpse of the Nature Camp made me fall in love with the Sanawar Hills.The place was having beautiful cottages to stay which were so attractive and well maintained that added to the comfort zone of every single team mate. The flora and fauna, the verdant and bumpy hills, the misty environment further acted as an addition to enhance the beauty of Sanawar hills and made Sanawar a lively place to stay.

Sanawar Nature Camp

After relaxing for some time and rejuvenating, everybody got ready to enjoy the scrumptious lunch provided at the camp site which was so YUMMMM and tasted like heaven.  Now, the time was to kick start the remaining day by enjoying the various thrilling activities provided at the camp site which included trekking in Sanawar Hills, Valley crossing, Fox climbing and crossing the Burma Bridge. If I talk about my personal favourite activity, then definitely it was trekking out of all, as it leads to explore and feel the incredible and picture perfect nature.


Sanawar Camp
The fox climbing and valley crossing were the sports which were breath- taking and were not everybody’s cup of tea, but still most of us were able to make to it to cross the valley from one edge to another with the help of rope.

High- Tea time

It was 5 in the evening and the tea served along with the (Snacks 😉 at the camp site again refreshed everyone after the tiring sports. More fun was added to the trip when all of us enjoyed and spent time together playing cricket, ludo and other sports at the site.

The Main Event

The time has come when everybody gathered to celebrate the Company’s Annual Meet (the heart of the whole trip). Everybody was excited as this was DigiMantra’s first Annual Event which we celebrated very differently and in a unique style away from the monotonous and tedious routine.


The Meet started on a positive note where all the team members shared their views about the meet, it was a kind of focus group discussion which helped to know the beliefs, perception, opinions everybody hold towards the company and its work culture.

After this great team building exercise, the time came to honour and acknowledge the ones with certificates and rewards who completed their years of success with the company….and the list was so long ????

Title giving ceremony

Here comes the best part of the Meet ………….Titles in the form of souvenir for remembrance to all the Digitians which were associated to their personality and working style. Few of them are:

  • Sales Ninja
  • Social Butterfly
  • Early Bird
  • Mr. Workaholic
  • Jolly Good Fellow
  • Mr. Perfectionist and the list goes on……………..

After this hilarious session, the most important was to express the gratitude to the pillars of DigiMantra Labs- yes the pillars who have always acted as a catalyst to make DigiMantra Labs a success and took the company to a new heights. The pillars of Digimantra Labs Mr. Ravi and Ms. Ramandeep were rewarded with a token of appreciation for their association with the company from quite a long period of time.

Pillars of Digimantra Labs

Ultimately the Meet finished on a good note followed by the dinner and DJ Party and fun was in the air again….everybody got crazy and danced to the beat.

The idea of having an Annual Meet with all the team mates was not less than a dream come true for me and I am sure for everyone else even. The magnificent and glorious Sanawar Hills laden with the pinecones, the picturesque cottages, the chirping birds, the chilling breeze and the lovely DigiMantra Team gave a lifetime memory to cherish.