Our generation is used to a lifestyle that is totally different than it was a decade ago. We want things to get done in a wink of eye for which a big credit goes to these on-demand application apps. They have changed the way we look at things and made our lives so much easier. The term has been in trend for some time now. Wondering what it means?

Well, basically on-demand applications make some goods and services accessible and available to users almost immediately. It started with online can booking app uber and the trend shifted to almost all possible industries like food delivery, grocery delivery, servicing apps, beauty care apps, flower delivery, medicine delivery, repair and servicing apps and car washing, etc. As per statistics, the on-demand app delivery is a billion-dollar industry now and it is making developments at an unprecedented rate.

There are new players coming in the market offering services which we never could think of. A lot has been already done and almost all the industry can see the presence of on-demand mobile applications so it is going to be of no good working on the same ideas. Rather, this is the time when you think, innovate and come up with ideas that never existed before and capture the market just like that. So, as a startup, if you want to make some good out of this trend then this is the time. Here, we are going to share a few ideas regarding the same which are going to rule the market in 2019.

Let’s get acquainted with them so we can incorporate them into our app and offer the best to our customers and capture the market just like that:

1. Gift Delivery App

The flower delivery, chocolate and cake delivery has been in the market for quite some time now and it has been doing great. What if you could start something like a gift delivery app wherein the customer can send the gift to their loved ones through your app. You can list all the nearby gift shops, Archie’s, cake shops, chocolate shops and florists to give them a variety to choose from. They can choose any gift from the listed businesses and give the address where it needs to be delivered. Here, you can either make an app where you only list all the businesses and the delivery will be done by them. In that case, you will get a cut from whatever purchase the customer makes. The other option could be where you can manage the delivery part also and that way you will have more profit per transaction.


2. Medical Tests App

This idea can be a game-changer for the whole industry. So, basically what it is about is the patients can register online for whatever medical tests they want to get done and the executive will go down to their place who of course is a medical professional and will take the blood sample. The tests will be performed and the reports will be sent to the patient online through email or Whatsapp.


3. Doctor’s App

This could be another trend in the medical industry. We have all been in the position where we have to wait for long hours to get one appointment with the doctors and what is even more tedious is the follow-up meetings for which we have to travel all the way for just a simple follow-up. To bring a transformation, here we can have a doctor’s app which can be worked out in two ways. First, there can be an app for patients to book an appointment with doctors online and they can connect to the doctors through online video conferencing after they book an appointment for online consultation. Second, a case could be where you can have a number of doctors listed on your platform and when an appointment is booked online, the doctor will come down to the patient’s place and personally attend to them.


4. Milk Delivery App

If we talk about that one thing that is a part of each and every household then that will be milk. We purchase it every single day and cannot do without it. People buy milk from local dairies or go for packaged milk. Now, in that case, there can be an app for the same where we can list all the nearby dairies and grocery stores around and the customer can choose to buy milk from any one of them. This way they can avoid the pain of going to these dairies every single day and get the milk delivered at their place on a regular basis. So, here you can offer them monthly, weekly packages also wherein you will be delivering them milk daily and they do not even have to make new purchases every day.


5. House Cleaning App

House cleaning could be a very tiresome and tedious job and not everyone likes to do it. Especially, students and professionals who have rented flats and do not have time to maintain and keep their places clean. For them, the option to hire house cleaners will come as a boon! So, you can be an agency that has several professional cleaners, you can go ahead and have a mobile app developed for the same which will have features like booking calendar, tracking the services, online payment gateway integration, and more. People can just book the services of house cleaner for a day, week or month whatever suits them.


6. Repair And Service App

This can go a long while and you have no idea how much you can earn through this one. So, basically, the idea is to have a platform which will list different handymen for different repair and maintenance services like for AC, Water Purifiers, Coolers, Electronics, Electricals, taps and faucets related concerns etc. So, this handyman will be a professional plumber, electrician, technician and engineer who will reach you on time when you are facing any issue. Any app user would love to book a handyman visit to their home so that they don’t have to call him to follow up.


7. Movers And Packers App

So, this can work really well in big metro cities where every day thousands of people are moving into their new flats. The app can have features where you can book an executive’s help in packing or unpacking the stuff, moving it from one place to another, helping in settling down in the new place.


8. Vehicle Repair Services

So, this must-have happened to you sometime that your vehicle broke down in the middle of the road. In that case, would not it be great if you could just book the services of a mechanic online and he will come down wherever your vehicle is, and do the repair? This will be a big hit and why only in case of break down. There are cases when your vehicle could be giving you some troubles and you can just book a mechanic’s service and he will come down to your place to do the repair work and you will not have to drag down the vehicle to the service centre or other mechanic store and it will be done easily.


9. On-Demand Mobile App For Laundry

Not everyone is a big fan of cleaning and things get even worse when we are talking about Laundry. This again when you do not have a washing machine available. In that case, it would be a great help for students and working professionals who do not have got time for the same. So, these online on-demand laundry apps can be a great hit. User can just book the laundry service for a particular number of clothes and the executive will come down to their place and pick the clothes and return them on the specified date and time once they have been cleaned, dried and ironed.


10. On-Demand Mobile App For Tutors

On-demand mobile app for tutors can provide flexible learning opportunities for students which is not the case in the present tuition scenario. An on-demand tutoring app can help students connect with an expert in the easiest way possible. They can have the tuitions online or ask the tutors to come down to their place. Both the options should be made available on the portal.


Now, you have a couple of ideas around which you can make an On-Demand Mobile Application. But before you go ahead with anyone of them it is advisable that you first do complete market research and understand your target audience in the region. This is when you will understand which idea will work best for you and what should be the right marketing strategy to go about it. All that is left is to get in touch with the right mobile app development company which will help you with the whole process.