Be A Digitian

We are ready for new talent to join our company



  • Provide inspired leadership for the organization.
  • Make important policy, planning, and strategy decisions.
  • Assist HR with recruiting when necessary.
  • Help promote a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale.
  • Oversee budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing.
  • Work with vendors, stakeholders, network engineer, office staff when required.
  • Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Work with the management to ensure to meet organisational goals and to have smooth operations
  • Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company.
  • Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations.
  • Support worker communication with the management team.
  • To Monitor house keeping and ensuring they are following directives as provided
  • Keeping track of all company bills (internal and external), helping staff with attendance and other compliances.
  • Maintaining pantry stock and other inventories including hardware requirement.


  • Atleast 2 years of experience in operations with IT company.
  • Experience in management, operations, and leadership.
  • Understanding of general finance and budgeting, including profit and loss, balance sheet and cash-flow management.
  • Ability to build consensus and relationships among managers, partners, and employees.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Solid understanding of stock management and finance.
  • Strong decision making skills

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management or in any other field

Required Experience: 2-7 Years

Job Location: Mohali

Job Requirement: Full Time

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