As an entrepreneur when you want to generate more traffic to your website, it’s obvious that you will take the help of SEO in order to increase the search engine visibility and ranking. So embracing the social media platform is the best method without shelling out big bucks from your pocket. Though previously Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn were the major social media platforms for increasing the search engine ranking of any site, but now all new Google+ is creating a lot of buzz in the market.

Why Google+ is an impeccable option?

It is a powerful social media platform because for the first time when it added a link to your Google+ page post is a DoFollow link. It provides the link juice to your website where you shared the link. Thus, when you share the website you can get the link juice that will lead to more online recognition.

Get more followers for your page

For improving your search engine results through Google Plus, it is imperative to increase the number of followers. This is probably the best way to create an impact and making your presence felt in the online arena.

Manage your page

Unlike most of the social media platform in Google+ you can post and edit your contents to make them more readable and appealing.

  • Title: make an eye-catching title for your post using the name of your business. But don’t use any keywords in it, as it carries little SEO value.
  • Custom page URL: this is an excellent feature newly added for the users benefit. Now you can customize your link with your company name which will look like To get the profile URL you need to go to your page and click on About. Scroll down to links box and click on the Google page link, after that change the existing URL to your preferred one.
  • SEO Meta description: create an awesome Meta description for your page. To edit or modify it, you need to go to your business page and click on the Manage This Page button. Now click on the story section and change the description. Try to add a few keywords to get more traffic.
  • Authorship: Google plus has now introduced the authorship option for the users. It helps your contents stand out and declare the owners of the articles.

Post contents & Get the +1 button

Try to post as many contents as possible with relevant keywords. Use the +1 button in your website because it works effectively in boosting the traffic. Get the +1 button from the Google and post it in all your website pages.

Increase the visibility and lifetime of your posts

Even the best formatted and brilliant posts fail to get any recognition and with time they sink into oblivion. So give your posts longer life with the help of the hashtag. As it is known for making the life longer of any post, use them smartly in your Google+ posts.

Increase the engagement

Google plus is an amazing approach to find new ways to market your products. So try to enhance the engagement by posting a variety of posts and contents at the right time, joining more communities and followers, increasing the Google+ collections and so on.

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