What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.” – Tim O’Reilly

Before we begin to discuss the benefits of agile methodologies, we need to understand its basics. In the simplest words, Agile method is a software development method that is customer-focused, highly flexible, responsive, speedy, and learning-focused. It is used in the development of sophisticated applications and systems.

Agile is highly effective in this competitive environment where frequent iterations happen quite often due to business demands. If done in the right way, this excellent method can replace annually software releases with weekly releases, which is already being done in many tech-based startups.

Sounds cool, huh? Let’s talk about its benefits

3 Major Reasons to Adopt Agile Methodology

  • Enhances Quality – The methodology helps in breaking down a project into workable units so that the people working on the project can invest more time in producing and testing fine code.
  • Faster Delivery – Agile development practices allow businesses to deliver new features faster than ever. It also helps develop a working version of software, which means businesses can see the return on investment pretty fast.
  • Transparency – If you are using Agile methodologies then the stakeholders have an opportunity to see the product that is being developed.

5 Major Principles of the Methodology


  • Satisfied customer – Thanks to the early and nonstop increments
  • Teamwork – The customer and agile teams should work in collaboration throughout the project
  • Requirements are received – Even in the late phases, the agile team will accept the customer’s requirements
  • Keep it simple – The complete development process must follow the principle
  • Keep working – You need to keep working on an Agile project until its completion

You must be thinking that it sounds great, but how on earth I can implement this methodology in my project! Well, no sweat! That’s what we are here for. We help you improve your end product by implementing some of the coolest and efficient technologies.