As per some recent studies thus conducted on the usage of smartphones, it has been deduced checking phones regularly, for new notifications or messages, has become contagious. For instance, when one person picks or checks his or her mobile device, consequently the others in the room or in his or her company, does the same.

Likewise, based on such typical smartphone usage habits, it has been seen that smartphone addiction is on a rise. If you too are a person who habituates checking your phone for Facebook messages or notifications, or for the latest Twitter updates, every now and then, like immediately after waking up, while driving, while working on some important projects or assignments, unfortunately, you too have been victimized with a typical smartphone addiction. You are definitely missing out the richness of life while glaring down on your smartphones.

smartphone addiction

However, the good news is that experts have also suggested some tips to get rid of this modern addiction. Check out the following tips that can be an ideal recipe for you to get rid of phone addiction.

  • A Healthy Morning

Mornings are always important. A healthy morning can be the key to boosting your entire day’s follow up with either inspiration or with lethargic mood. One of the best tips to get rid of your smartphone addiction is to ensure a healthy and a refreshing morning. With that, it simply doesn’t mean including a healthy breakfast. It actually includes more.

The first step is to stop your hands to reach up to your phone, especially when you are not completely awake. In case you actually do that, that can be a serious problem. No matter what, make sure to dedicate the first 30-60 minutes of your day to a healthy lifestyle. This could mean freshening up after getting out of bed, exercising or meditating, stretching out for some time or preparing a healthy breakfast. Make sure to kick-start your day with positive and healthy stuff to ensure a better and an optimistic day ahead.

  • Specifying No-Phone Special Time-Zones

It’s not new to have your cell-phone close by your hand when you are at work, which is, to a certain extent, even required. However, at the same time, the “ding” that your phone receives when you are working on something is rarely related to that specific work or the current assignment. In case, you end up picking up your phone to check what’s up, you may actually end up checking everything else in your device, like WhatsApp messages or reviving a Candy Crush Saga life. Yes, this may sound absurd, but it does happen. In the end, you may end up getting distracted, due to which your productivity at work may get hampered.

To avoid such scenario, it is important to allocate few time-zones for yourself, when you shan’t be using your phone, or rather to create some specific no-phone special time zones. It can be wise to create these time-zones when the productivity of your day would be at its peak. Advocate either two hours or three hours for the same per day and make sure to stay completely dedicated at work.

  • Turning Off Your Device While Getting Into Your Car

This should be completely mandatory. In aircraft, you are compelled to switch off your phones, right? You should follow the same ethic on roads as well. It is totally impossible to put your two eyes at two different things. When you are on your phone, it’s not on the steering wheel. It simply can’t be. Driving is one those activities where you must ensure 0% mess. On this issue, some might revert saying “I need my phone on because I need GPS for directions.” But, did you ever wonder how did people drive 5 years ago or so? People would have to carefully map out the respective route and then start driving. That applies even today. When driving, make sure to switch off your phone. It’s just not cool to put your life and the lives of the others at stake.

  • Don’t Prioritize Your Virtual World Instead Of Sleeping

Almost of us have been guilty to have stayed up late at night spending hours in YouTube, Facebook, video games or in text messaging. The more you pour your energy over these, the more your body is getting deprived of the much-needed sleep. The moment you start prioritizing these things over your health, from that very moment you are letting your smartphone dictate your respective health and of course, your well being. If you too catch up with such a typical scenario, it can be wise to switch off your device exactly an hour before you go to bed. Not only that can help you get some healthy sleep, but can also help you get a refreshing morning, the following day.

  • Understand The Difference Between Real and Virtual

It’s high time for us to understand that whatever is out there in the virtual world like in social media sites like Facebook and Instagram is JUST NOT real. The friend sitting in front of you, who has actually taken out some spare time for you, is actually real. Whereas the ones hitting the “thumbs-up” button on Facebook are just virtual. The sooner you understand this difference, the sooner you might get rid of your smartphone addiction.

  • Use Real Alarm Clocks Instead of Phones

Using your phones as alarm clocks is probably one the best excuses to have your phone next to you on your bed. Stop doing that already! Use a real alarm clock. When the alarm rings, just turn it off if you want to or get up. Keep your phone at a distance. Share some real time with your spouse or children by hugging them or by rolling towards them. That’s bound to ensure cementing relationships.

  • Focus On Meals Instead of Phone

This can be probably one of the worst parts of a phone addiction. While eating, focus on your food, on your plate and on those who share the meal with you. Keep that device away while eating. Indulge in spending some real time with your friends and families during dinners or lunches instead of scrolling down your phone. Not only this can help you get rid of your phone addiction but can also help you enjoy better relations.

Stay dedicated, follow these tips as ingredients to stay away from phone addiction and experience the real life with all its richness and happiness.

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