“Future of Work,” has become a buzz word with 48 million google hits on the phrase. 

The reason for the interest is simple: we are in an economic cycle where jobs are rapidly changing. It’s a story about each of us redesigning what we do to better leverage the tools we need to stay relevant in a volatile market. The human element in business is one of the most vital factors in achieving high optimization and acts as a link between a company’s performance and its market position. Organizations need to reflect on what they can do and then use it to enhance the customer and employee experience.  

When we consider the massive expenses associated with the recruiting/training/maintenance and growth process of the HR department, it is clear that is why it is a major worry for all businesses. Also, because of the scarcity of qualified experts in some regions, as well as the inequality in skilled IT human resources between nations, more and more organizations are looking for such highly-trained employees. Thus, for firms that are not overly committed to the mode of operation, IT staff augmentation could be a beneficial component and strategy.  

Staff augmentation is a different kind of outsourcing in the sense that it injects businesses with qualified professionals that can help internal innovation teams solve challenges, carry out processes or support project execution and contribute to the company’s overall goals. Staff augmentation services are the key to reinvigorating your workforce and accomplishing your business goals more efficiently. 

Choosing staff augmentation services over traditional hiring methods benefits the business in many ways by providing the right talent for each project. Here is a list of a few of the many benefits of staff augmentation:

1. Scalability

Traditional staffing methods were rigid and inflexible with often shifts in the company’s performance leading to reactions like letting go of its workforce. Staff augmentation is fundamentally flexible and ideal for companies that experience regular shifts in demand. Temporary staffing gives the flexibility to scale projects of any size. There is a need for multiplication of your capacity progressively to be in a place where you can continue to provide a quality customer experience. 

2. Boost recruitment ROI 

Sometimes, you may take on a project that needs very specific skills which your current team may not have. Expanding your capacity to broaden your skills will contribute to a successful project. A project may require a particular set of skills and it is staff augmentation that practically makes shops available from around who can fill your exact need, without committing long term to that skill set. 

3. Budget- And Time-Saving 

Ensuring that companies and consumers receive competent, correct and fast support, staff augmentation services help augment existing teams with specialized professionals to work with expertise. This helps prioritize budget and time spent on a particular project. The additional workers you hire are already specialists in their field and are only onboarded for their specific skills. Staff augmentation gives you the option to temporarily scale your lineup on a per-project basis.  

4. Blended Workforce 

A major issue for businesses is fixed cost, which is something that can partially be suppressed by using short-term remote workers. Without having to pay the costs of full-time employees, businesses can keep their operating costs low while improving efficiency. This staffing philosophy helps put the best people in a room to troubleshoot problems and deliver multiple creative solutions on time and on budget. 

5. Streamlining Processes for Maximum Efficiency 

Staff augmentation benefits businesses because it makes them directly responsible for the tasks of the augmented staff and their integration with the team. The agencies ensure that the extra personnel are always proficient in development of the necessary competencies so that all the flaws will be addressed smoothly, safely and quickly narrowing the risk. From start to finish the business takes full control. It keeps companies in control, and costs down. 

DigiMantra Labs has already been a proven name in the Staff Augmentation space for over a decade. We have helped multiple clients across different geographies to achieve excellence. DigiMantra Labs will continue to raise the benchmark in the years to come.