Running an eCommerce website comes with its perks. Any eCommerce business is subject to the threat of falling prey to hackers and sensitive data being stolen which subsequently reduces your site’s reliability. Hence, it is pivotal to take all the necessary steps to make the shopping experience as secure as possible for your customers. Here are some security tips you can follow to keep your business well protected.

Ensure PCI Compliance

Based on a survey conducted last year, web related attacks and hacking have increased by at least 30%. As an ecommerce store owner to keep intact the faith of customers who trust your store to be safe. Strong Secure Socket Layers (SSL) authentication is the best way for website and data protection. Authentication using SSL and transit data encrypting protects the business and its customers from hackers trying to steal important information. Adding EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Socket Layers), security seal based on SSL and URL green bar to let customers know of how safe your site is. In addition, the live address verification services and protected payment gateway are great for safeguarding your portal against fraudulent use of credit cards.

Limit Data Storage

It is not necessary to store tens of thousands of important data such as the customer credit card numbers, CVV numbers and expiration dates and thus making it easy to hack. By PCI standards, storage of customer sensitive information is strictly forbidden and it is only enough to store those information that may be required later. While storing information may make the checkout process easier, the convenience should not be weighed above the overall safety.

Run a Successful Ecommerce Business

Multiple Security Layers

Layering your security is one of the best ways to defend the business from cybercriminals. The first step towards it is the use of firewalls which stop hackers before they enter your network and steal information. In addition, adding extra layers of contact information, dialog boxes, login information etc. can protect the website from attacks like SQL and XSS.

As you follow the above mentioned security tips, also make sure your ecommerce store is hosted on a platform employing sophisticated object-oriented programming language. Have a fraud management service and lastly take regular back-ups. Remember, nothing attracts customers more than a secure shopping environment.

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