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Social Media Marketing

Social media is so much more than just a way to stay in touch with friends. Social networks are formed of people that know each other, which means that the content they share gets immediate attention. In fact, research indicates that people trust content shared by network pals, and they in turn share it around. Imagine this content comprises your web pages, your blog posts or your brand message. Everything gets a 4-star rating straightaway! It’s no wonder that search engines take your site’s social shares into consideration while ranking your site.

How We Can Leverage Social Media For Your Business

If your social media experience has only been to the extent of using Facebook to say hello to friends, you definitely need us Social Media Marketing services. We can help put your brand on the social media map, and make your company name a byword on social networks. Through our social media marketing efforts, we can:

  • Interact and engage with your target demographic.
  • Build a loyal community of followers who’ll be your biggest supporters.
  • Provide a friendly forum through which your social followers can voice their concerns, questions and complaints.
  • Build links that can lend support to your SEO efforts.
  • Share niche-specific, useful, keyword-rich, share-worthy content that’ll open up new entry points for Google and other search engines to find you easily.
  • Build hundreds of ways for people to find you online.

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Why You Need Us To Market Your Business Socially


Social Media Marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll have to see it through the long haul to achieve results. To do your own social marketing, you’ll need to:

  • Spend hours to find the right keywords to insert into the content you’ll be sharing via social sites.
  • Follow your followers and watch where they share your content.
  • Find online influencers in your target demographic to build quality audiences.
  • Listen to what people are saying on social channels and acknowledge every person that reaches out to your business.
  • Always be available to your audience, participate in their conversations and respond timely to their issues.
  • Share and promote your followers’ tweets and content – Quid pro quo.
  • Regularly run analytics to evaluate your social reach and social lead conversion ratios.

To do all this and more, you’ll need a full-fledged marketing team in place with specific expertise on social media channels. It’s just not possible to win over your audience on social media sites with anything less than complete investment of time and effort from your side.

Here’s the deal – at DigiMantra, we have the right kind of expertise, know-how and experience to put you on the social map. We have our social media marketing process fine-tuned to a fault; we can do it all smoothly and achieve amazing results for you. You will need us.