At the very first glance, advertising & marketing look like similar terms, which are predominantly used for selling products & services. It is true that they both incorporate same end objectives, still they are distinct. Before knowing techniques that aid you in solving problems of marketing & advertising, understanding difference between both of them will let you streamline your customer acquisition strategy in more specific manner.

According to Marc Slutsky, author of Smart Marketing, “The advertising campaign is the media that you use during a certain time frame to promote a product, service, or an event. Advertising is just one of the components of company’s marketing strategy, while marketing blends advertising with promotions, sales, public relations, distribution strategies and many more.

Advertising lets your products and services known in the marketplace, while through marketing; you gain the confidence of potential buyers that you have perfect product/service for them.

Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”Steve Jobs, Apple

Making marketing befitting & revenue generating is a challenge. It is a constant process, which needs learning, unlearning & relearning of strategies on regular basis. For gaining expected ROIs, recognizing contemporary problems & finding their fitting solutions are inevitable.

Therefore, let us find out some of the pertinent marketing problems & their solutions:

  • Unstaffed or Inexperienced Team

Regular expansion & frequent advancements of internet marketing have created a scenario, where marketing managers always feel that their team is either inexperienced or unstaffed or sometimes, even both. Hiring a good inbound marketing agency can be a fruitful solution of such problems. Inbound marketing agency can assist in designing effective marketing strategies, and simultaneously, it can work as internet marketing team that assists marketing managers in achieving their goals

  • ROI Measurement & Securing Enough Budget

For understanding effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, ROI measurement is one of the most important factors. Additionally, ROI tracking aids you in making productive arguments with your bosses for increasing budgets of your marketing campaigns. By linking marketing activities & sales results, marketers can effectively measure ROIs. Securing enough budgets lets you be innovative in strategizing your campaigns that engages your audience and ensures more revenues.

  • Website Management & Inclusion of right Technologies

Websites play significant role in drawing visitors and converting them into loyal customers, but website management can be an arduous task. From performance & responsiveness, to design & content optimization, website management includes most of the technical aspects of internet marketing. Finding right technology that suits your marketing strategy is also a major problem. Marketing automation software is one of the most powerful technologies that marketers should use, and additionally hiring inbound digital marketing agency can be a prudent & lucrative decision.

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