The toughest decision for any job seeker: Startup vs. Established Brand

Finding the right path that leads to a successful career is one of the toughest choices. With job security and mega bucks with established brands and finest learning experience, freedom of decision making and cool and flexible work culture at startups, there is always a close call when it comes to taking the decision of making a career with established brands and startups. These days, people are ready to take challenges and they are inclined towards start ups as they see the blooming prospects of overall development. So, if you are planning to take a shift, but the uncertainty associated with startups is stopping you, here’s brief but valuable information that will help you take the decision. We have compiled a list of the good bits of making a career with both startups and established brands. It will definitely help you in considering the one that suits your career goals the best. Scroll down and check out:


What makes a startup job a better option?


  • While you work in a startup company, you get the opportunity to grow as an individual as you enhance your skills and do your best to accomplish the tasks; also your individual efforts are noticed and appreciated. When you work with an established brand there are well-organized set of rules and everything goes according to the systematic arrangement of the company’s rule book. There are certain expectations from you and you have to meet those expectations. A startup is like a young child who is yet to explore the world, so there are no or very less rules plus you get the chance to explore your own potentials and your efforts matter a lot in the overall expansion of the company.
  • Working at a startup company is full of challenges and with challenges come work pressure. If you are a person who is ready for challenging situations and you can feed your creativity with situations where quick decision making is required, you are best fit for a startup company. You can learn, get great experiences and enhance your skills and if you are an exceptional individual focused on accomplishing the tasks by yourself, you can be a valuable asset to any startup venture.
  • No doubts, there is risk involved in making a career with startups, however, it can help you in future because when there is risk involved, you push yourself harder and eventually you turn out to be extraordinary person with polished skills. You also excel under challenging conditions. This is one of the key reasons for people to join startups.
  • You are more dedicated towards your responsibilities and put more efforts to put life to various ideas and as a result of which you enhance your creativity. Also, you get the freedom to discover your potentials with dedication, enthusiasm and passion. It leads to productivity and people with such a mindset are always inclined towards making a career in startups.
  • An insufficient staff is always a scenario with startups workflow and that gives you a better chance of multitasking. It is an asset to your work profile as you get to add more credentials to your profile. Working in an established company will never give you a chance to try your skills as there are sufficient experts working in the organization.

Currently established brands were also startup some years ago, and if you work with a startup, you might be an essential part of a future established brand


The perks of working in an established brand:


  • The top benefit of working with an established brand is the hefty pay that you get along with zero risks. However, people working in startups are never certain about the failure of the company plus the salary is quite low as compared to the big brands. Also, there are perks that you can get while working with bigwig of the corporate industry. It all comes with a prosperous and secure future. 
  • There is job security while you are an employee of a brand on the hand, there is always a competition for survival under high work pressure in startups that is why they hire and fire with such a speed that sometimes you don’t even get the time and chance to rectify the situation.
  • There is a work and designation structure in established brands and you have defined work hours. Life is much on a balance if you are a part of big brand, but startup culture has no work hours. That means you might end up working on weekends and holidays while sacrificing your personal life and that becomes a major reason for stress. Sometimes, it lowers the performance of employees and when they perform poor, they are no more required in the startup company.
  • Established brands have experts to handle each section of their work flow and when you start your job at such a well organized company, you will be given the proper training. During the training period, even if you make a mistake it will not hamper the overall performance of the department you are working in. Moreover, you will get time to become accustomed to the work culture of the organization.
  • When you work in a corporate, you get a chance to polish your skills in the area of your proficiency, as you will be in a team of experts from your own field. However, in startup companies you will be assigned to various tasks according to the situations and demand of work. Also, the budget of a startup is limited so they make you work on many different departments within a low pay as compared to big brands.




You must analyze yourself and your priorities in order to choose the one from Startup or Established Brand jobs. If you think you can survive the work pressure and meet the challenges while learning and polishing your skills and creativity along with finding your potentials in the journey of getting overall growth as a fearless professional, working in a startup is definitely your cup of tea. However, if you are looking for monetary growth and you are not ready to take any risks and challenges, you must go on with a job in established brand.