Do you believe in this notion that, “First Impression is the last Impression”? If yes, then you got to be extra wise and careful while choosing your Mobile app’s name.

Yes, practically this is the first thing that will reach your potential audience before anything else does. The app’s functionality, its usage, the purpose it serves and the user interface everything comes after it. The app’s icon and the name is the first thing on the basis of which your target audience is going to judge you. So, it better got to leave a positive and favorable impression.

Yes, there are indeed good and bad impressions that people are going to have of your app based on the name alone and it is going to stick with them forever. This is what makes this decision so important and significant. The app’s name literally evoke an emotion in the user and it gives your app an identity, a personality. So, what is required of a developer is to choose the app name as such it totally resonates and matches the kind of personality you want for your app.

Whatever, your app’s name be it will stay the same forever. Starting from a bunch of downloads it may go to millions and you have to choose a name that positively strikes with everybody who uses it.

Now, considering it one of the most important steps, let us discuss a few tips to let you choose the perfect name for your mobile app:

Make it relatable to app’s functionality

This is probably the best point that you can start your brainstorming session with and is absolutely essential too. What we are trying to say here is that, you should name your app based on the kind of services it offers and the functions it performs.

Now, consider some of the best applications and how their names relate to the function they perform: Facebook, gives an impression to the user of virtual scrap book or something

Paytm, gives an idea it has something to do with the payment. So, this tip usually never fails as it helps create the right image of the app in user’s minds. Yes, the moment they hear the app’s name some emotions are going to be evoked and they are going to visualize the app. So, it better be a good and positive emotion relatable to what the app actually does.




Do research not Google search

Yes, if you begin only with Google search then you are less likely to come up with something really great, unique and extraordinary and in this process you are going to lose all your creativity and originality.

So, it is better to look for inspiration than Google’s support in this matter. For that you can look up for a few apps and their names and what emotions do they evoke, what idea they share about the app’s identity and how users respond to certain app names. This information is going to be of more help than anything.

With this research done, you would be able to define the kind of name you want for your app and start looking for relevant options.




Create a name using two words

It is difficult to define your app’s purpose in one word and at times the word you want to use has already been taken. In that case, what you can do is creatively use a combination of two words to give the right name to you app and create the right impression.

Many famous apps have worked on this strategy. For example: We chat, Food Panda, Club Factory etc. These apps have successfully used a combination of two words and have been doing great. The app’s name is creative and at the same time gives clear idea about its functionality.




Choose a name that stands out

Research says, 31% people download an app based on their first impression of the name alone. So, you see how much power the app name possesses and if the name is good you can go right and if it’s not you are at so much risk of going wrong.

So, choose a name wisely after careful consideration and make it unique, creative and super stylish so it instantly clicks with your target audience.



Use relevant keywords

If you are offering some focused service through your app you can literally include that service in the name of your app. This will help you in two ways- first, it will give the users an idea about what the app does and second when they will come to the app sore looking for an app for a particular purpose the use of keyword in your app name will place you on the top. You will be getting exposure to more people and precisely your target audience.




Choose the name that goes with your logo

Just like we have talked about the significance of an app’s name, there is a similar line of discussion about the significance of the app’s logo also. Both of these things are the essence of the app and you just cannot afford to go wrong with them.

Having said so you must have understood that you need to spend equally good amount of time in deciding the app’s logo as you spend on the name. But one important that needs to be kept in mind is that the Logo and the app’s name should go together and create the similar impression.

It is very important that the name you are choosing for your app goes with the logo. Suppose, the app’s name gives a totally different feel and the Logo gives a totally different approach. This is something that will backfire heavily and should avoid that situation from coming up.




Make the app name short and simple

You just cannot use long, boring and descriptive names for your app. The name has to be short and simple- easy to pronounce and instantly likeable. This is because a short and simple name is what is going to lure the audience. The name has to be unique and memorable so that it is not only are these names easy to remember, but they are also easy for users to share it with their pals.

Now, consider some of the famous app names like- Swiggy, Uber, Ola, Tinder, Shein and so on. All of these names are easily pronounced, remembered and likeable.




Check for the validity and relevance of the name

Now, you may not be targeting only local audience. You may have plans to launch the app locally but later make it something of global appeal, and promote it in different regions of the same country or different countries also.

In that case, if you have chosen an app name that is based on local language then it is not going to resonate with people of different regions and countries.

So, make sure your app name has a global feel and appeal to it and it goes well with everyone. Other thing to keep in mind is that if you are choosing a native term for the app name make sure it does not mean anything offensive in any other language.




Ask for people’s opinion

Now, on the basis of your research and brain-storming sessions you must have come up with a few names. So, you can now let your target audience decide the best name from that list.

For that, what you have got to do is do a brief survey of a few people in your vicinity and ask for their opinion about different names. You can ask the basic questions like- what emotions each name evokes, what is the attitude of user towards each of these names, what image it creates in the minds of user, what is the first impression the app had.

Now, based on the survey you will be lead to a result. This feedback could be more valuable than anything else. So, go for what the popular opinion says as these are the people who are eventually going to use the app.




Check if the name is original and unique

Now, you have shortlisted a few names for your app and what is left is check if they are original and unique. Because no one wants to be charged for stealing someone else’s name and once the app has been launched there is little you could do about it.

So, this is something you do before the name has been launched and do it with utmost care and precision. Be very thorough with your search and go as deep as you can. Starting from looking for app’s name on the app store to checking names of different stores or products offline, from checking the existence of the name in some other part of the world to checking user name on Instagram, blog’s name or the name of a particular collection, you have to dig deep and find out if the name already exists in any form. If not, then you get a go ahead and can proceed further with it.

With this being said, we have given you some really great app naming tips which you should consider before proceeding further. The app name is going to be the essence of your app so make sure you do not go wrong with that. Follow these tips and choose the perfect name for your application and we wish you the best for the success of your app.